Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tzav! Encouragement - GO!

Imagine the scene: The Creator of the world has just taken the Israelites out of Egypt. Miracles all around! After a tragic event - namely the building and worshiping of the Golden Calf, the same Creator instructs Moshe to build a Mishkan - a Tabernacle where He will rest His Shechina (Divine indwelling presence.) He has forgiven everyone and is now about to do the very opposite of what would be expected! Not only does He not hide Himself - He shares with the Israelites the secrets on what to do so that His revelation will be realised!

Everyone donates. Everyone is a part of it. The nation seems united again in serving G-d. Now it's time to get to work inside this place of holiness. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this holy task?! There seems to be such a "high" for everyone - and yet at the start of service G-d commands Moshe to instruct Aharon with what he is to do. The Torah uses the word "Tzav" - "command." Rashi points out that this word is one that indicates enthusiasm, quickness, liveliness as if it to say - "make the other enthusiastic about what he is about to do. Command with liveliness and make the other excited by what he is doing too!" Rashi says, it (the word Tzav) is "immediate" and "for the generations (to come.)"

Yes, at such a "high" point, encouragement and liveliness are still needed. Even when it seems like everything is in place and that the other will surely be able to get on with the activity - even then, guidance is still necessary. Sharing enthusiasm and getting the other to be enthusiastic - is still needed. It's needed immediately - and it's also needed forever. When it's given immediately, it will also carry through for life and for all generations to come!

We live in a generation of selfishness. It's one that says I am for myself and you are for yourself. The child of today so often grows up with the parent simply hoping that things will work out for them. Let them choose their path in life and they are certain to succeed! Let them do it all on their own. 

But even an Aharon requires encouragement. And even a Moshe needs to be reminded to share the command with alacrity and excitement! Even he needs direction - even at that moment when thing seem to be on the "highest of high!" Even here, a Moshe must be instructed to deliver the message of inspiration to the other - to assist him to be successful in what he is about to do!

This is our lesson in life today. We need to focus and realise that everyone needs encouragement! Indeed, when one gives the other encouragement - helping them to grow in life - or even more so actively directs them on to a path that will be most suitable for the person - that person will succeed.

Success comes to those who are constantly inspired - and become active because of this inspiration, this desire to move quickly and do things with speed! While some are strong enough to do it on their own - our Parsha Tzav tells us that not everyone can - and there's no embarrassment if one can't do it on one's own! 

Our Parsha focuses on what we must do for the other - to give them whatever they need to get on and succeed in what they can do best. Encouragement - inspiration. Be inspired yourself. Be inspired to share the inspiration. Pass it along to the other - so that they too will succeed! Do it immediately. Do it always - for every person in every situation. Do it now - because by doing so, it will last - for the other person's entire life! Tzav!

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