Monday, 17 July 2017

The Significance of the Temple in Jerusalem (Video)

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Homeless Man Does Extraordinary Act (Video)

I am constantly on the look out for acts of kindness! Of course, practising them oneself is the most important thing - that goes without saying. What amazes me is to see the tremendous kindness so often exhibited by those who don't have. I am amazed at the inconsistency regarding the ratio of wealth to actual goodness performed. How can it be that some are blessed with billions of dollars, and yet others have nothing save for their lives?

While the billionaire awakens with a full bank account each day, the poor man awakens to wonder how he will survive the day... Yet ironically, he will still find the means to give to someone that day. If they have nothing - they will so often given up their lives so that another may live. One who is blessed is surely tested each day and should become aware of the enormous responsibility on his shoulders - to others. If the poor can give up their lives for another - what will the wealthy person answer as to his reason for withholding his wealth?

This video shows the amazing quality that King Solomon speaks about. "There is one who feigns riches but has nothing; one who feigns poverty but has great wealth" (Proverbs 13:7). There are those who seem to be wealthy - but they have nothing. In truth, their wealth is never used. What then is it's benefit?! What honour can their be to feign the riches which will never be used to help others in need?! 

While charity may be given - the bulk of their wealth remains locked up with no benefit accruing from it. Yet, there is another who seems poor (who really is poor) - yet his actions show how wealthy he really is. This man in the video shows us that sometimes it is those who lack everything - who are the wealthiest of all. "Who is wealthy?" Ben Zoma asks. "One who is satisfied with his lot," he answers.

Though this be the case, as a nation who should show others the light of life - we should constantly do everything we can to never have to see another in need - not for anything. It is not just the amazing video we need to see. It is not the amazing quality of watching one is lacks - give. It is for those of us who have, to do everything we can - so that another never need to go without.


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