Sunday, 15 May 2016

Book Release: Parshah in Just Two Minutes! Concise Summaries of the Weekly Parshah

It gives me great pleasure to share the good news regarding my recently published book, "Parshah in Just Two Minutes! Concise Summaries of the Weekly Parshah"

Throughout the years I had compiled various summaries of the Parshah, and seeing the reaction of others - and realising the importance of having some systematic book including all the Parshiyot, I decided to compile all the summaries, edit them and put them into one work. Here is the result:

The Torah is the blueprint of Creation. God looked into the Torah and created the world. The Zohar teaches that God looked into the Torah not just once, but twice, three times and four, before He created the world...

It is a mitzvah for a Jew to study the weekly parshah each week - together with the entire community. On Shabbat, the parshah is read in shul. Many understand the text in the original Hebrew. Many struggle and read a full English translation. Now, the parshiyot have been concisely summarised for those who would like to get a simple grasp of each parshah in two minutes - or even less! These simple summaries can be read at the Shabbat table so that the entire family can hear the most important parts of the parshah during the meal. This can be used for further discussion. They are also a great way to revise important points to remember the main themes of the parshah at any time! Use them to prepare for school tests - as you get the gist of the parshah in just a minute... or two!

Use these summaries as a springboard to further your learning, working through the entire parshah at a later stage - with the necessary and important Torah commentaries such as Rashi.

Each Book opens with some beautiful Torah quotations sharing hints about the parshiyot to come... or simply carry an important lesson to consider while reading, or discussing the weekly Torah portion.

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