Monday, 28 July 2008

Artistic Jewish Photograph-Magnets of Holy Sites in Israel - With Verses of Torah - For Sale. Perfect Gifts for You, Your Family or Your Friends!


Many of us decorate our fridges with a variety of photographs and magnets. Sometimes, these magnets contain catchy phrases, or phrases to uplift oneself. Every time one goes to the fridge (that means... whenever one is hungry or thirsty!) one is met with these sayings and images.

The Torah tells us that everything we see has an effect on us. Positive phrases of encouragement on a fridge door can only help one in mastering the art of being positive. Even if we don't consciously focus on the images on the fridge door, these phrases and images have a lasting effect on us throughout the day. If so, we should surely be careful in choosing images and sayings that will affect us for the good.

We have created 4 STUNNING IMAGES of various sites of the Holy Land just for you. Each image contains a verse from the Torah which is related to the image. The set below are made up as fridge magnets - 10x15cm (or 4x6") in size. They make for beautiful images to place on one's fridge - or any other magnetic friendly area in your home. We are also working on printing these images in poster sizes, and would be more than happy to print them in a size that suits you best, choose a beautiful frame - and ship it to you - or a friend!

They also make for creative and unique gifts to send others, so don't feel shy about ordering a set for us to send to friends of yours - no matter where in the world they are!

They're there, always ready to inspire you with a powerful and deep thought and idea, represented by both picture and verse. This is just the start though, and there is much more still to come. We would be delighted to design custom made images for you with a variety of images blended in to each other, with verses in Hebrew, English, or both. Images can be printed at a variety of sizes including poster size, and can also be set up in magnet form. In addition, we'd be happy to add your business logo or the like for you to use these images as advertising for your business. They're sure to be put up in a highly visible location which means your friends and clients will be looking at your business details every day.

For more examples of some of our images to give you thought of a unique image for yourself, see our online album at:

Please Note: Logo of "Shear Success Photographers" does not appear on the magnets as indicated in these images, and are only placed this way for copyright reasons.

The entire set is being sold at the
of just $16.50 for all 4 images!
This includes the cost of shipping!

With Rosh HaShanah and the other festivals
just around the corner,
why not consider sending this set
to friends and family overseas?!

To order and get these beautiful images delivered to you,
simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below,
decide how many sets you would like,
let us know your postal address,
and they'll be on their way!

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