Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dangers of the Internet. Watch Your Spelling!

Many years ago when I was a teacher in a private Jewish school - at the time the Internet was just up and coming - I went to a one day seminar teaching about the dangers of the Internet. Now, in those days there weren't the fanciest of video and audio technologies as they have today and while people could post all sorts of things, they couldn't quite get the quality of todays material on the Internet. Today, the Internet is MORE than dangerous. But here's why!!!

On this one day seminar, one of the things the lecturer pointed out is that many thugs and unwanted members of society prey off unsuspecting people who browse the Internet. They actually lure people to their sites without doing anything. Yes, they don't have to force you to their sites any longer - because you're going to end up going there all by yourself - with or without your knowledge!

In fact, it's all up to the user to enter their horrific sites. But, if it's up to the user, why would the user come to such vulgarity?! The same question could be asked about much of the security on Internet banking. How is it that hackers are able to attract you to their sites which are not actually the real banking sites? After all - it's you that's entering the address, seeing the site and entering your information willingly!

Here's the technique they use. In fact, a number of users had pointed out to me that when they typed in my blog address, they were taken to a Christian Missionary site, I later found out thanks to some experimentation, and later due to a number of people commenting that in fact these people have targeted ALL blog readers to their site by owning the * domain. They also own the * What does this mean practically?

Here's one for you. Try this:

Enter: - and you'll come up to my site! First class!


Enter: (notice the switch of the letter 'p' and 's') and you'll enter a site 180 degrees opposite to my site!
Actually you can enter anything and you'll get to their site. Try these:
or even

Of course it's perfectly legal, after all the owners of that site have purchased their site off their hard earned cash. If you like their site, you're welcome to go there, and if you don't - there is no need to. Nobody can hold them liable for their contents - after all this is the American constitution - and an apparently wordly idea of absolute freedom of choice no matter how violent, anti-semitc or vulgar anything is today!

BUT if you want to enter any blog site but accidentally type the letters incorrectly - you'll be directed to theirs truly! So nobody can say they're doing anything wrong... although we all know differently. There's a reason they've purchased their site with a similar spelling - in order to lure unsupecting people who are looking for any blog to their own Messianic Chrisitan material!

Well, if you think that's not so bad, be WARNED! This is "only" with these blog sites. Imagine your children browsing unsuspectingly to other sites that have "other" material on the sites. Your child enters the address ever so slightly incorrectly and VIOLA! They are taken to a site with images, videos, sound and anything else - all ready to take hold of your childs (or your) brains and mind (and probably a lot more of your essential soul.)

Of course if that isn't good enough reason to be careful - be WARNED again. If you accidentally type in a banking Internet address incorrectly - there may well be hackers on the other side who've legitimately purchased a site that it almost exactly the same as your banking address. They might even do the site up to look EXACTLY like the banking address. Except for one thing - all of your information will now be sent directly to Mr and Mrs. Hacker! Thereafter they'll be only too happy to make use of your information to take out funds for themselves at the legitimate site - YOUR FUNDS of course!

So, whether it's for religious reasons, adult content reasons or financial reasons, do be careful to check the spelling of your addresses when you enter them into your address bar in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Be warned... the person on the other side may not be quite who you may think he/she is!

And most of all, if you're enjoying this site and want to come back for more - please do enter and NOT!


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