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Dedicate a Period of Torah Learning (or a book) in Memory of a Loved One

For more info regarding updates of this learning, see Learning the Entire Shas Mishnayot during the Shloshim (30 days after burial) period.

Due to the varied schedules of our daily lives, we don't always have enough time to dedicate to Torah learning - and especially when it comes to wanting to spend certain days involved in more learning eg. Yahrtzeits - the annual day of the passing of a person.

It is a great merit to learn in memory of a person who has left this world, on the very day of this anniversary each year. One of the parts of Torah that is learned in particular is the study of Mishnayos. Our Rabbis teach us that the word Mishna - משנה - has the exact same letters as the word Neshama - נשמה - soul. For this reason, many people have the custom of spending part of the day involved in the learning of Mishnayos for the memory of the person whose Yahrtzeit it is. Some people even have the custom of reciting Mishnayos that begin with the initials of the name of the person.

While the learning of Mishna is perhaps the most well known custom of learning for aiding in the ascension of the soul to higher worlds, one can learn any piece of Torah in memory of this soul.

While we ourselves may be unable to devote the time we would like to on these special occasions, there are many Torah scholars who constantly involve themselves in learning all areas of Torah all day long.

This makes for a wonderful Shidduch, something akin to the relationship between Jacob's two children - Issachar and Zevulun. While Issachar would spend his days immersed in Torah study - being totally unable to support himself this way, Zevulun spent his days at sea involved in business and commerce, making certain to be successful (via the blessing of G-d Almighty) in generating enough profit to support himself as well as his brother Issachar.

This partnership continues until today for a variety of reasons. Being involved in business does not exempt one from learning Torah - even if one is supporting a Torah scholar. However, the fact that Zevulun aids Issachar certainly accounts for an extremely meritorious act, through which both Issachar and Zevulun share in the respective rewards. Zevulun blesses Issachar with wealth, allowing him to continue to learn and teach the Torah of G-d, while Issachar blesses Zevulun to be successful in business, and in addition shares part of his reward for Torah learning with Zevulun.

This by no means helps Zevulun to know how to behave according to Torah standards - as he must learn on his own as well. It does however create a wonderful unified relationship between the two brothers, allowing each to contribute to the other in ways that both will certainly benefit. When Zevulun are indeed in need of Torah advice, they will have Issachar to turn to.

Were it not for this unique and special relationship, many Jews who have become successful Torah scholars and teachers, would have been unable to continue the heritage of our Torah in teaching it's values in the most upright and beautiful manner. In fact, we well owe it to them for having so successfully passed down the fullness and richness of the entire Torah as we know it today.

So too today, these relationships continue.

If you would like to partake of this relationship and make a contribution to the Yeshiva, we would be happy to arrange a learning session on your behalf for the memory of a loved one - or for any other beneficial purpose. Many people share their wealth with Torah scholars so that through the learning done on their behalf, they too will benefit further in terms of Parnassah, finding a Shidduch (marriage partner), or receiving a Refuah Sheleima (healing from a sickness) which they may be in need of.

We would be happy to learn a section of Torah for you - from all areas of Torah, from Mishna to TaNaCh, Gemorah, Chassidus, Kabbalah etc. We offer learning in sessions i.e. per hour, per day, per month etc. We would be happy to negotiate a learning session suitable for your purposes. Alternatively, why not join Rav Eliyahu for a one on one live Internet learning session or learn in person, a subject or book of your choice, in memory of a beloved one (or for any of the above choices?)

The Yeshiva is in need of additional books, siddurim and a variety of other necessities. If you would like to contribute in some way - whether in a memory of a loved one or for any other reason, all donations - no matter how small - would be greatly appreciated.

There are new students wishing to join the Yeshiva continually - some younger single men wishing to come through to learn as well as to stay in a dormitory. There are other married Talmidei Chachamim who have expressed their desire to be able to come through to learn as Avreichim earning a monthly stipend in the Kollel. And there are even students from overseas with disabilities who would very much love to be able to make Aliyah and stay near the Yeshiva to be able to spend their days in learning and contributing in whatever ways they can. We would like to be able to help all these people and give even more to all of Klal Yisrael. Your donations can go to any of these worthy causes, or alternatively to a cause that you would find beneficial to have within the Yeshiva itself.

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