Thursday, 10 July 2008

Do an act of Goodnes and Kindness Today! - Join this Newsgroup!

Doing Acts of Goodness and Kindness
Hastens the Final Redemption.

This is a famous teaching in Judaism, but we don't always know to whom, where and how to give what we have to offer. This group is about setting up Shidduchim – partners.

If you have something to give, no matter how small, whether charity, free service, kind thoughts, a physical or a spiritual favor to another Jew, join this group; post your act of goodness and kindness and allow someone in need to be able to contact you to accept your offer.

Please note - only offers and not requests (at this stage) may be posted. This group is for any Jew, anywhere in the world. Any Jew is welcome to join whether to be a giver or a receiver. Please read the introduction before posting.

Some examples of possible postings:

1) Am visiting the grave of a Tzaddik, will pray for anybody needing refuah or parnassa or shidduch. Please send me your names by x date.

2) Have extra Ma'aser or Tzeddakah money. Wish to give it to Kallah in need.

3) I have made extra Challah this week. If you live in x area, please feel free to come and collect.

4) Wanting to do a Chesed this week. I am offering free plumbing or handyman service to family in need of bathroom repair, and unable to pay.

5) I have 4 hours spare this week and would like to visit someone ill in hospital, recovering at home or in need to help with various household tasks.

6) Would love to provide meals this week to 3 guests (during the week/Shabbos). I live in x area.

7) Would love to cook a meal for a family who just had a new baby.

8) Would like to donate a Sefer Torah to a new Yeshiva / Beis Midrash, in the memory of a family member, friend etc.

9) Would like to donate one Sefer (book), Siddur, set of Shas (Gemorrah) etc. to a Yeshiva / Beis Midrash / Yeshiva Bachur, in memory of a family member, friend etc.

10) Would like to sponsor an author writing a book related to Torah and inspiration etc. in memory of a family member, friend etc.

Please note, those replying to the offers, must be in genuine need.

There is no need to state that you are providing the kindness, and you can post anonymously as if doing for a friend.

This last point enables you to give anonymously to an anonymous but legitimate cause, thereby fulfilling Rambam's higher level of charity.

As the Torah teaches - a change of place results in a change in Mazel.

We have moved from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups (trying to keep all our activities within Google Land.) Please therefore note the new web address:

To join, go to:

May our acts of goodness and kindness
bring unity to the nation of Israel
and hasten the Final Redemption immediately!

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