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Reb Eliyahu has Semichas in Issur Ve'Hetter from Rabbi Daniel Channen, Shabbat from Rabbi Dovid Ostroff, Niddah from Rabbi Aharon Schenkolewski, Mikvaot from Rabbi Yossi Sirote and Shatnez from Rabbi Yosef Sayagh (Lakewood) (Shimush still pending!) and is also a qualified Chatan teacher (from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs) - teaching Torah and Chatan classes in person and via the Internet. He also has kabbalah in Safrut from the Vaad Mishmeret Stam - and hopes to one day be able to complete his learning in writing / making a kulmus - in order to actually write!

He has spent time leading a Minyan, being Gabbai and Leining. In his youth, he davened for a number of shuls in South Africa over the Yomim Tovim. 

Reb Eliyahu enjoys working with computers and is qualified as an A+ Hardware/Software Technician and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. In his youth, he also built a fully mobile, sensory robot "Hero 1" – used for educational teaching purposes. He made use of both his Torah and computer knowledge in aiding a school to publish a variety of Torah publications including two Divrei Torah journals and five Gemara skills workbooks. In his youth Reb Eliyahu enjoyed gymnastics. He has spent much time enjoying photographing and developing (in the "old days") photos in the darkroom. 

Reb Eliyahu is married to Shoshanah - a qualified occupational therapist, healing facilitator, certified teacher of infant massage and qualified Kallah teacher. Together they have set up "Chessed Ve'Emet", an organisation devoted to the spreading of authentic Torah teachings and values, as well as providing numerous Mitzvah projects to help those in need. Reb Eliyahu's focus is on the practical side of Yiddishkeit and the importance of being a mentsch. Both he and his wife value the importance of a pure family life and run a Shidduch service to help those who are equally committed to being a part of such a home. Reb Eliyahu and his wife also manage a unique photographic business, which specializes in Jewish functions and provides the facility for covering the men's and women's sections independently. Samples of their photos and stunning slideshows available by request. Some of his pictures are available for sale - as are his wife's!

For more info see their main site: Lovingkindness.co and main pages: 
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