Friday, 31 January 2014

Podcast - Assisting Orphans to Marry - with Reb Eliyahu, Shoshanah & Errol Ballen (Radio Protea)

For those new to our activities, enjoy this wonderful podcast as Errol Ballen from Radio Protea interviewed us last night discussing the variety of activities we are involved in. You'll hear more about the Torah outreach we do, our Mitzvah projects - and most notably, the Bayit Chadash Wedding Project - assisting orphans to marry. We come in at about 47:10. Enjoy! Do be in touch with us to find our more about becoming a partner in kindness together with us!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Assisting Orphans to Marry - Rabbi Avraham Sutton Talks to Reb Eliyahu

Imagine preparing for the excitement of your wedding day! Everything seems set to go and the day arrives. It's not quite as big as you expected with just 50 guests - but it will have to do. There's no new suit for the Chatan. In fact there's nobody really taking care of the wedding except for the Chatan and Kallah themselves. That's because at least one of them is an orphan.

Imagine - it's not far off - the guests don't have the means to assist the couple either - so the gifts they'll receive will be few. After the wedding, the couple will find themselves entering a home without a fridge, without a stove (or oven), without what many consider a necessity - a washing machine. Imagine entering your bedroom after the Simcha - to find - there are no beds. In fact, nobody actually cares whether you have them or not. Your first Shabbos sees you without a Challah board - not to speak of the fact that there's no table to put it on.

Go back to the scene of your wedding again. Imagine your Simcha with guests who have no interest in dancing - because you're an orphan - and it's you who must get things going so that somebody will dance - at your Simcha! Imagine there's no budget for a photographer - and nobody really interested enough to take a beautiful picture of both Chatan and Kallah together - one that could be framed and put on the table (not yet available!)

Imagine the embarrassment and pain of it all. But it's not fantasy. This is a reality...

Chessed Ve'Emet saw the urgent need to develop a unique project and a unique fund aimed at giving orphans the blessings they need and certainly deserve at the time of marriage. Whether "friends" take part or not - Chessed Ve'Emet is doing its utmost to see to it that those lacking should never feel the shame or embarrassment (and humiliation after the wedding from those who wish to further add insult to injury!) from not knowing how to even begin life and their homes at the time of Chuppah and thereafter.

Do watch this video with Rabbi Avraham Sutton and Reb Eliyahu discussing this important Mitzvah. But don't just watch it because it all sounds good, meaningful or emotional. Watch it so that it makes such a difference that sharing it with others is just the start - making a meaningful donation to actually assist is the next and immediate step. You can find out more about our project by visiting the Bayit Chadash Wedding Project, where you can make an immediate donation to our project today. Your donation is urgently needed as we head into the new year hoping to assist at least 15 orphans this year - with everything that they require.


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