Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Faith and Destiny - The Miracle of Israel (Video Parts 1 & 2) - Rabbi Berel Wein

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mishnah Learning for a Special Soul - Be a Part of It

Dear Friends

If you have been following this blog or my web site, you will know that my brother passed away tragically at the young age of just 44. I was not able to travel to South Africa for the funeral which will be tomorrow, though the response from those who tried helping make it possible was incredible! I cannot thanks these special individuals enough. We have instead decided to work on the project of setting up a Torah-lending library in the merit of Dov Daniel ben Zelig Pinchas, Bli Neder and hope to raise money for this wonderful cause.

Meanwhile, we have already begun learning Mishnayot in my brother's memory. As is known, it is a great merit for the soul to have the entire Shas Mishnayot learned on their behalf especially during the Shloshim mourning period (the 30 days from the date of the funeral.) As the word Mishna - משנה - and Neshama (soul) - נשמה share the same letters, we are taught that it is this very learning that brings much comfort to the soul that has left this world as it ascends to its final place of Menucha - rest. The response to this project has already been incredible, though we have not yet reached the complete target of learning through the entire Shas.

This is an invitation and a request to all those wishing to be a part of this project to "tune-in" to the page: Learning Mishnayot for Dov Daniel ben Zelig Pinchas A"H - and ask you to select a tractate that has not yet been selected and to begin learning it either today or tomorrow and to complete it in its entirety by the end of the 30 day period (27 Iyar last day of learning.)

The soul has certainly suffered enough already having to wait for burial for so long and your being a part of the group involved in Mishna learning is sure to be a great comfort for it.

Thanking you all in advance for reading the page and becoming a part of this group - bringing comfort to this soul.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Their Table Will be Leaning This Pesach... Together With Some Broken Dishes

Pesach is always a busy time for everybody. Some are making sure they'll have enough food to entertain hundreds of guests all week round. Others have just finished building a complete new "Pesach Kitchen". Others - not so lucky, have only been able to purchase a new dishwasher to make the week a little easier.

But then there are yet others, who don't have a proper table to eat on. Together with an assortment of dishes that are smashed, their landlord's rickety table gave in (just after being "fixed") together with the once in-good-condition dishes.

It's not a problem for the landlord. When the time is right, he'll sort out his table and claim his apartment back. But for the family that lives inside, they are left wondering if their leaning on Pesach will actually fulfill the obligation - when with their leaning on the already leaning table, they will actually be sitting straight up! Or perhaps they can fulfill their obligation by simply sitting up - as they'll definitely be leaning!

Their table will well be fulfilling its obligation to lean this Pesach, and if broken has anything to do with exile - their dishes are well on their way to the start! But what will be for them during Pesach - let alone the first night Seder? What will be for them living in a home with a broken table until the next Pesach? They certainly cannot place any dishes on an already leaning table. They'll just slide off and break - again!

Pesach is a time to reconsider what each of us actually has - and to consider that there are still many that don't. Giving at this time of the year can make the difference to the one receiving - but it also makes a difference to the one giving. Their giving acknowledges their feelings that redemption and freedom are and should be important for all of us. There is no monopoly for one Jewish family to be "free" while another must do with out. 

Here is you chance to make the difference for a family in great need. They don't have their own basic furniture - but years after marriage - still make use of old and broken furniture belonging to a landlord - who sits this Pesach in his own home - with the freedom he has been blessed with. This family could never dream of beginning to own their own furniture - let alone their own home.

Make a difference in their lives this Pesach - at least to give them the opportunity to own their own table and appropriate chairs. Make a generous donation to assist them and help them to get onto their feet - this Pesach - this year!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

History of the Jewish People (1900-1910) Full Video by Rabbi Berel Wein

Enjoy this wonderful documentary: Dawn of the Century - Jewish history between 1900-1910 by Rabbi Berel Wein:


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