Thursday, 30 October 2008

Private Torah Tuition, Discussion of Life Issues - In Person or Over the Internet!

Rav Eliyahu is pleased to announce his availability
to all those interested in learning with him
privately (or in groups)
as well as to those in need of
help, advice, suggestions and encouragement
in everyday life challenges!

With facilities such as Skype allowing for communication via text or voice chat - together with video image - learning Torah (the subject of your choice!) or simply discussing life issues and how to get through those difficult times has never been easier.

Sometimes we all need to be able to talk to another at a moments notice. Rav Eliyahu is often online, which means if you're in need of immediate assistance and support, you can call him using Skype - right then and there!

It's easy to connect!

IMPROVE Your Learning Skills!

Work through Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah systematically from Chapter 1 onwards at a steady pace with the goal of completing Orach Chayim (or another section.)

Study the Nevi'im and Ketuvim - steadily, systematically, with intention to work through the entire Tanach.


PRIVATE Tutoring Provided
For Men and Boys
Learn in Small Groups!

Learn together in person in the centre of Beitar Illit Israel
Receive Tuition via the Internet
Using Skype!

Learn together
at a mutually convenient time
from the comfort of your home too
(wherever you may be!)

Turn on webcams for an almost in-person session together.


Contact Rav Eliyahu to discuss your personal needs
and schedule a learning Seder TODAY!

Don't Forget:
Rav Eliyahu is also available
for private sessions on life issues and challenges.
All discussions based upon authentic Torah Judaism.

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