Monday, 6 October 2008

Zohar - Parshat Ha'azinu - When I Call in the Name of God


MATOK MIDVASH pp 542-543

When I Call in the Name of God

[The Zohar begins it’s commentary on a passage from Deuteronomy, chapter 32 vv 3-5. This is the song that Moses sang to the Jewish people just before he died, bringing heaven and earth to act as witnesses to the calamities that will befall the Jewish people if they sin, and the ultimate reward that awaits them at the final redemption. The language of verse 3 is not clear, since it speaks of calling out in the Name of G-d. When one calls, one usually calls directly to G-d Himself. Why the need to call ‘In the Name of G-d’? What do the extra words ‘In the Name of’ come to teach and add in understanding the process of calling to G-d?]

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