Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Mitzvah for a Man to Immerse in a Mikvah


The Lubavitcher Rebbe answers someone regarding the Mitzvah of a man having to immerse in a Mikvah:

"You ask about the matter of men immersing in the Mikvah. The greatness of this is described in a number of places, in particular with regards to prayer (i.e. that it is of great benefit to immerse in a Mikvah before prayer every single day before Shacharit). See Likutei Torah by the Alter Rebbe - author of the Tanya, Posek (authority) in the hidden matters of Torah, and author of the Shulchan Aruch (HaRav), authority in the revealed matters of Torah - Parshat Ki Tavo 34b, as described in a number of holy books, that the Baal Shem Tov merited great revelations of G-dliness beyond the norm because he immersed himself daily in the Mikvah. See also what the Mittler Rebbe, the son of the Alter Rebbe says about this in his discourses about the Mikvah. And (also see) from a number of holy books concerning these matters as collected in the book Taharat Yom Tov, Section 10, page 365 onwards. "

--- Igros Kodesh. Volume 22, letter 8546

Though every G-d fearing Jew is well aware of the Mitzvah of women to immerse in a Mikvah at a certain point each month, many of these same G-d fearing people do not consider it of value for men to immerse in a Mikvah on a daily basis. Though in a strict legal (Halachic) sense, there is no Mitzvah to have to do so, the Rebbe points out clearly that one who does go to a Mikvah certainly purifies himself to degrees such that it is told about the Baal Shem Tov, that he reached his holy levels and revelations of various kinds - because he immersed in a Mikvah on a daily basis.

May this thought inspire us even further into furthering our growth in Torah and service to G-d on many other levels -
including the immersing in a Mikvah on a daily basis.


We take the Mitzvah of immersing in a Mikvah for both men and women seriously.

For this reason, we run a Mikvah-Project "Purity with Dignity" that aims at raising funds to help women immerse in a Mikvah at no cost to themselves, should they be unable to afford the regularly monthly cost. If you wish to help, see "The Mikvah Project - 'Purity with Dignity'" and make your donation TODAY!


In addition to providing and helping women, we are currently working on building a men's Mikvah together with a Torah Learning Centre teaching the values you are reading more about on this blog, as well as at Torah Online.

Should you wish to learn more about our projects, or take part in helping to fund any particular area, from the Mikvah, the Centre itself or providing books, please be in touch with Rav Eliyahu directly and find out more about our online and offline Torah projects.

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