Tuesday, 30 June 2009

G-d's Amazing World... in Pictures

One can find the most beautiful words in the Torah that describe the beauty of G-d's world. That does not detract from our obligation each day to look around us - at the beauty of the sky, the grass, the sea and everything of nature. Could anything other than G-d have created this? G-d invests Himself... clothes himself in it all. He is there too. Open your eyes and appreciate the beauty of what G-d has given us. Be filled with awe. Be filled with love. Let it inspire you to want to do another Mitzvah, another act of goodness and kindness. And know... that through this small movement of bringing additional light into the world, you literally add to another beautiful piece of G-d's Art.

(You'll find our images at about 1:21 and 2:10 -

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