Sunday, 30 March 2014

Safety First - Protect Yourself - Be Aware

Though this is a blog about Torah - I found it worthwhile to include the video below - because part of Torah observance is about being safe. One is commanded to look after one's health on a variety of levels, and it is essential that everyone do everything they can to keep themselves safe at all times. The video below speaks about the dangers of a seemingly harmless item in one's home - a 9V battery! Amazingly keeping these batteries lying around without taking care to look after them correctly - can result in a fire - ultimately burning (as in this instance) an entire house down!

Many people laugh at the "silliness" of people who speak about things that seem so far off - but the video clearly indicates just how dangerous leaving a battery like this lying about can be. 

After seeing a social networking post recently posted by a well known rabbi with thousands of friends watching his every word and picture - I commented on the danger he was sharing with others - albeit unintentionally. He had posted a "sweet" picture of his young son/grandson learning some Torah via an educational CD filled with audio and visual stimulation to help him learn. The boy was watching it on his laptop on the bed in his pyjamas clearly ready to fall asleep - which he was now doing! I commented that the picture was extremely dangerous to show. Leaving a laptop on a bed actually causes the extreme heat coming from the computer to heat up the material of the bed - which can in fact ignite the entire bed. This very incident happened just recently in Israel and an entire family - save for the mother - died in the tragedy. Again, I mentioned this in the post. Comments raged from, "I'm sure the rabbi would never let his children fall asleep like this. He was surely just taking the sweet picture for illustration purposes and then removed the computer immediately," to, "The computer would never fall off the bed causing a health hazard," to, "Don't be over judgmental," and then a variety of other scoffing remarks. In the end, the rabbi was lauded for his outstanding creative ability in taking this "awesome" picture - ultimately advertising the importance of using this particular product - so that others would buy it too.

Most agreed it was certainly in keeping with fun, Torah and the rabbi's good name to show this image - so that G-d forbid - others would do the same - by allowing their own children to play on their laptops, fall asleep later at night at the computer and simply already be in bed!

Never be fooled for a moment. The Torah demands we keep safe at all times. This video below does a great job of telling things as they should be. Laptops on beds can make fires (even if the rabbi owns it and his sweet children harmlessly play on it,) and a 9 volt battery can bring an entire house down.

You're welcome to choose the side you want. Support the rabbi - or scoff at those who insist on safety. But never forget - it's your life and the life of your own family at stake. To me, it's a "no-brainer"! Wise up to everyday happenings, everyday dangers - and do everything you can to keep safe - always! By being alive - you'll be able to serve Hashem - just as He wants.

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