Monday, 10 March 2014

HaShavat Aveidah - Kiddush Hashem - Returning a Lost Object & Sanctifying G-d's Name (with video clip)

So often one hears that the Torah is dry. So often one hears that it's too ritualistic. Too many dos and too many don'ts! Too much of things that relate to older days. So many feel that the Torah lacks modernism. 

So far from the real truth are such comments. The Torah is as vibrant as ever! It's filled with a level of modernity that no other book can come close to - and still hold it's own throughout the years of "change." What's so beautiful is being able to catch that "modernity" when it happens - to see the Torah's truth and it's vitality at the moment it occurs!

Returning a lost object is a commandment in the Torah, "Do not see the ox of your brother or his sheep straying and hide away from them - you shall surely return them to your brother," (Deuteronomy 22:1). When one performs the action of returning what the other may have lost, one performs a Mitzvah - a Mitzvah that was as fresh thousands of years ago - as it still is today.

When others get to  hear about the good action, when they get to see it, one performs yet another special Mitzvah - a Kiddush Hashem - a sanctification of G-d's Name. This means that others will see that this is the right way to behave - and seeing it coming from someone who follows the Torah gives the other the strength they may need, to see the beauty of Torah, and it's goodness.

Torah is as fresh as ever. Those learning and practising it show the world just how modern it is, how kind it is, how much truth there is in it. The end result is a world that focuses on giving, on the other and on improving oneself to be a truly great person!

Don't forget to watch the video below!

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