Friday, 7 March 2014

Color Your World With Kindness

Greek mythology teaches that there was a King Midas who had some sort of unique touch. Everything he touched turned to gold - even on one occasion when he touched his own daughter! We live in a world where it does seem like there are those who have this same effect. There are those whose every business deal seems to meet with success. They seem to win every competition. It seems that everything goes right for them - always! Not everyone has this magic touch - but there is another far more special touch each one of us does have... It's the type of touch that turns everything into color. Not always for ourselves - but for others. I guess when it affects others, it must reciprocate and affect ourselves as well - even if it takes some time before the results can be seen!

There's a kid's game called Tag - or perhaps simply "you're it!" When you're touched - you need to touch someone else - because at the moment - "you're it!" The most unique of Tag games however is all about the excitement of "being it" so that one can reach the other - who needs it - no matter how the "touch" comes about. The truth is, nobody is really running away, because everybody really does need to be tagged - so that they can tag the other - and bring color into their lives.

It's an amazing "game" of sorts. It says - there's someone else in need. When one helps them - they too feel inspired - to give to the other. There's no need for selfishness in this game. No need to step away from the other to enjoy for oneself only. It's a different need. It says - your world should be at least as colorful as mine. I know it should be, because once it happened that someone colored my world - and I am simply over joyous to reach out and touch you - to color your world too. 

Try it some time - soon! It's really this type of touch which we all already actually have - that turns you into a king (queen!) too!

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