Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Why Don't They Learn? Surgery in Installments



The big question on the world’s mind is – who won?! After another battle in Gaza, the world are “up in arms” about who actually won, and who lost. Everyone has his opinion.

The question really isn’t so much about who won, as it is – especially to the Jewish people – are we actually progressing to our intended goal (world peace – aka “the coming of our righteous redeemer” and the immediate redemption)? We’ve certainly been through enough wars already. As the cliché goes – with apologies – the battle is being won but what of the war?!

We’ve seen the Creator of the world set up Divine Providence to the Jewish people being granted an entire state – with world permission – in 1948. What a win that war was! Apparently the Jewish people got their own state and “independence”! What about the 1956 Sinai Campaign? What about the 1967 “6 Day War”? The Israelis have certainly showed “who’s boss!” (but not yet quite – who’s Boss!) Then there was the 1973 Yom Kippur war too. Haven’t they been through enough yet?! What happened to Israeli independence – the one the world agreed upon (apparently?!) in 1948?! There have been other wars too, and notably the last war in Gaza. We all know the images – of those wounded in hospital being visited by the “great members of parliament” greeting them and thanking them for their truly great work – only to return back to the comfort of their homes, while the soldiers lie in agony after their most “uplifting” experience with a member of parliament! And then on the other side of the newspaper, reports with pictures of the “winning soldiers” smiling at victory – carrying their heavy backpacks and weapons with them. Stubble-beards (from days and weeks of not shaving) and sweaty looking faces. Victory!!!

But, is there really a winner here – in any of these wars? Or are we just keeping the media and armies busy to make the world think we’ve reached – or are about to immediately – world peace?!

Imagine the foolish doctor performing surgery on his patient in need of a complete surgical procedure. The doctor cuts… and those watching shout out BLOOD BLOOD!!! STOP! The doctor stares at all in amazement… then seals the wound and brings the patient back from his anaesthetic. The patient groans in pain. “Don’t worry,’ the doctor says, “We’ll be doing some more tomorrow!” The next day arrives… and there’s blood again. The doctor feels they should do a little more though. So he fiddles around with some body parts – when all of a sudden the nurse screams, “Doctor… you’ve moved his heart to the side… STOP!” Well, the nurse certainly knows what she is talking about having studied years of surgery. She’s also familiar with the patient, having consulted with him a dozen times before the major surgery.

The doctor puts everything back again… seals everything up, and brings the patient back to consciousness again. The patient groans in severe pain this time. “Don’t worry,” the doctor says… “We’ll do some more… tomorrow!”

Is this the behaviour of a knowledgeable surgeon? He operates in instalments, never actually getting through the entire operation, because everybody screams to him that he’s drawn blood, or moved something where they believe it shouldn’t be? When will it end? When will the doctor finally do what needs to be done?! How long will he listen to those who have no knowledge of what is really happening? How long will he let the patient suffer for… or does he even care?!

The current war has been no different. The words of the Rebbe in the video below boldly indicate the dangers of the behaviour of our current “leaders.” When will we learn?!

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