Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Lubavitcher Rebbe - Sicha 28 Nissan 5751 - Video Clip with English Subtitles

The following video clip is of the Lubavitcher Rebbe speaking about bringing Moshiach (with English subtitles.) Following that video I have posted another video clip regarding the Rebbe's answer about what needs to be done to bring Moshiach.

The Rebbe is clear! There is an obligation upon us - every single one of us - to do what we must to bring Moshiach. The focus and message of bringing in the light of Tohu through the vessels of Tikkun is clear: We must be balanced, focused and move ahead with structured power to do everything that we can - everything the Torah demands of us. If it's becoming stronger in Kashrut, Shabbos or following the laws of Family Purity. Further to this - increasing in Tzedakah stands out in the forefront!

The Rebbe asks for just ten people - and then goes so far as mentioning just one, two or three (though I do not understand why he asks for more when he starts with asking for less i.e.  just one(!) person devoted to this task) who will devote themselves to this project - an urgent one.

The second video - just a few months after the first one (and a few months before his major stroke,) once again brings the Rebbe's focus on to what is most important - acts of goodness and kindness. An increase is what is needed. As in the first video - there must be a drastic increase in the giving of Tzedakah. Our generation has never needed it more than now - with more and more Jewish people struggling to live on a daily basis, being insulted because they cannot own their own homes (and forced to move often due to landlords constant increases in rentals and desires,) buy new clothes, or even provide healthy food on a daily basis(!) - while many others live by celebrating two to three overseas holidays each year, purchasing holiday homes, owning at least two of the very best of cars, and engaging in a variety of other additional "pamperings" of life. There must be an increase in the giving of Tzedakah - acts of kindness filled with empathy and caring to those who lack. Our generation is starving for a balance in income levels - and a huge need for all people to be able to live and serve Hashem with true gladness with every good thing.

Are you ready to implement the Rebbe's words? I would personally be happy to hear from those watching this to share with me their own feelings of what you think the Rebbe is demanding. Only positive comments focusing and clarifying what the Rebbe is demanding so urgently for us to do, will be read. Negative comments and anything slanderous are of no interest to the author of this blog.

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