Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How Handmade Shemurah Matzah is Made - Videos

Have you ever wondered how handmade Shemurah Matzah is made? Enjoy the videos below for a full overview from start to finish of the process involved in making Shemurah handmade Matzah as well as understanding the value of Matzah! Many eat only this Matzah during the entire festival of Pesach. Others eat it only for the Seder. This type of Matzah is generally more expensive than machine made Matzah - but after viewing the video, one can well understand the amount of work involved in preparing these Matzot for all of us. 

While we simply see some 13-18 Matzos in a box of the handmade Matzahs as if they somehow just appeared, the effort involved in preparing them is immense! One is required to know the laws for preparing them as well as have the stamina involved to work many hours for just a few batches of Matzot! It's an incredible process and well advised for those wishing to get a real taste of Matzah to do their best in obtaining these Matzot for at least the Seder night/s. If you're stuck, please feel free to email me for details on where you may be able to obtain yours. If I am able to find out more about your area, I'll let you know!

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos.

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