Tuesday, 15 April 2008

11 Nissan - 106 years since the Birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Tonight and tomorrow - 11 Nissan 5768 marks 106 years since the birth of the 7th Rebbe of Chabad - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Of all the campaigns the Rebbe was involved in - bringing Moshiach encompassed and surround and enveloped all of them. Everything was to be done - and is to be done - solely to hasten the coming of Moshiach - to bring this world into a state of being whereby it truly becomes a dwelling place for the Shechinah - the InDwelling Presence of G-d - down below in this "lowly" world - a world of physical, material and corporeal grossness.

To commemorate the Rebbe's 106 birthday, a video is presented below in which the Rebbe speaks of the need for us to focus on this goal - to make it an actuality - right here and now!

Never mind the excuses the Yetzer HaRa (the evil inclination) can come up with. Perhaps you haven't yet finished learning Tanach - maybe not the entire Talmud - maybe you think there is still much work to be done - whether on yourself or on others.

NONE of these excuses is good enough for what the world is currently in need of - this very second - that the ultimate Redeemer of the world - Moshiach Tzidkeinu - should reveal himself immediately, taking us out of this bitter exile - an exile so deep that we hardly even appreciate just how far sunken we are. An exile so dark, that we no can no longer even fantasize about what light actually is!

Moshiach can come this very moment - and it is up to each one of us to do that one more thing necessary to bring him. An extra act of goodness and kindness. It is up to us to demand from G-d that Moshiach be revealed immediately. And while we may think we still need to learn all 63 tractates of the Talmud before he reveals himself - one thing we can rest assured of. When Moshiach DOES reveal himself, the secrets of Torah including all 63 tractates of the Talmud will be taught to each one of us on higher levels than any of us can even dream of right now.

No excuses. We need to demand - "UNTIL WHEN?!" And from this, we need to do ONE more act of goodness and kindness - right now - and in the merit of this, shaken up all the worlds - this material - and all the spiritual, to such a degree that the entire universe is shaking in it's demand towards the Creator of the world - to reveal the Moshiach - together with taking us into that era we long for - the building of the third and final Temple, the World to Come - the Resurrection of the Dead and a world filled with complete goodness, kindness and G-dliness.

May we merit this revelation of our Righteous Redemeer before the end of this auspicious day with the rebuilding of the Temple - and all the jews from every corner of the earth being brought to the land of Israel on the Holy Clouds of Glory - and we be witness to miracles greater than we ever experienced before. May we be taken out of this final Egypt (Mitzrayim) and experience this Passover as a complete reality!
Moshiach NOW!

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