Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Getting Advice When you Can't Ask the Rebbe

We seem to be confronted with a conflict. On the one hand, today is the birthday of the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet it seems like we have nobody to ask our questions to any longer. Is this really so - or do we still have someone to turn to? The Rebbe in the video below speaks of the very difficulties apparently encountered by his own Chassidim in being able to ask the previous Rebbe - the Rebbe's father-in-law - their own questions.While the Rebbe has already been Rebbe for decades, he addresses the Chassidim as if they are still interested in asking the previous Rebbe their difficult questions (as opposed to asking him directly.) He addresses the issues of how to ask someone who seems to be no longer present in this world - and how we receive our answers. Amazingly the Rebbe refers to the previous Rebbe (who "died" decades before) as being the leader of the generation and that one can still send one's requests through to him. If these things were said by this Rebbe concerning the previous Rebbe, we can surely have faith that the Rebbe would mean them today concerning himself.
Indeed there still is someone to turn to and ask for help - for blessing and assistance, even when all seems hopeless and that nobody cares. The Nasi - the leader - of the generation never stops his work, even when it appears to fleshy eyes as if things are not that way. But, it's not for me to say any of these things - watch the video and see, learn and understand clearly what the Rebbe himself says. If you can understand that there is still hope, and you are unable to travel to the Ohel (the Rebbe's resting place) directly, you can still send an email directly by writing to - or by going to Alternatively, as the Rebbe himself once answered a pregnant woman who visited him after going through much agony - if one is unable to do these things, one can even speak to the Rebbe in the corner of one's own room. This is the power of the Nasi of the generation - an all encompassing soul who is able to reach and be in touch with any other soul - no matter where it may be.

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