Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Bridge of Life (Animated video included)

There was once this story... Someone was out on a life mission - you know, to get somewhere he needed to go. He found himself near a bridge he had to cross, and realised he just wouldn't make it, unless of course he crossed it. I think Rabbi Nachman of Breslov speaks about this bridge of life and never to be afraid of crossing it and all. Rabbi Nachman's story doesn't really tell us the conclusion. While out on his mission, this "someone" finds that as he crosses the bridge - there just so happens to be someone else in the world. Amazingly, he too is off on his mission too! If only Rabbi Nachman had told us that there would be others crossing the bridge too!

So meanwhile - while crossing his own bridge, he comes across the other fellow doing the same thing from the other side. As we know only too well, it's always "us" that's important, after all, would Rabbi Nachman have not told me about the importance of my mission and my bridge to cross if it were not important?! Go figure! The other fellow is a follower of Rabbi Nachman and his beautiful song too, so he seems to think he too has the right of way.

There's a collision. It seems to happen to the best of us. Yes, the entire world is a very narrow bridge, and we should not be afraid to cross it. But let us not forget that there may well also be other traffic - coming from the other side. Let us not forget, that if we're going to make it across with "flying colours," we're going to have to value the other fellow too! When we do, we'll probably both make it across that bridge - safely... and happily... Of course, if we're simply not prepared to value the other... well, we know well what the results will be...

It's a beautiful message - so just think of this animated movie every time you find yourself crossing that bridge - and finding another "in the way." There's always a way of doing things - and everyone stands to gain.

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Anonymous said...

Loved it - points out cooperation, not contention will be a win/win for both.


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