Sunday, 30 March 2008



Our Service:

We Capture & Create Your Life's Most Memorable and Meaningful Moments!

How we do it:

We offer 3 professional photographic services:

1. Semachot of every kind. Eliyahu photographs the men's section, and Shoshanah photographs the women's - Elegant & Modest.

2. Photobook Albums. We will prepare our photography for you in a variety of albums including a complete Photobook Album. At a special discounted rate we offer the exact same album in a variety of sizes for all family members. Stunning memories preserved forever!

We also take your previous photographs that you may have from before (even tens of years old) and convert them into Photobook Albums. This way your memories are kept for always in a complete book form - and you never lose your original photographs.

3. Individual & group lessons. Learn the "technicalities" in using your digital camera - and take creative, beautiful images yourself! Understand composition and lighting... and more! Spend a day in nature experimenting and learning - have fun!

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: We also have a select range of beautiful and artistic photographs of various holy sites in various sizes and frames. With a special verse of Torah appropriate to the photo, these make for beautiful adornments in your home - and terrific gifts for family overseas. We also offer these same images as 4x6" (10x15cm) fridge magnets.Visit us to view our portfolio and purchase a selection of these stunning images. Or share your ideas for your own poster image, magnet, or advertising image and let us bring it to life!

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