Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Making a Difference in The Lives of Others - as They Make a Difference in Our Own (Video Included)

Here's a story about life - the one in the video below of course! It's also about hope. We need to learn these important lessons - how we must look out and see the other. So often we just don't care. We have our own preconceived ideas about what the other must be - perhaps just because of the way he looks.

Strange - it's that person - the one who looks so different, who knows best what his true value really is. He's often around sharing it - but usually only to himself, because who else is really interested in listening?! But maybe he has a brother - maybe he is someone's brother - maybe your own! Even if he isn't, he too has a wealth of uniqueness he'd just so much like to give the world - if of course anyone is interested. Most of us go about our day to day's activities barely noticing those who lack. We need to realise how much talent the other may have - if only we give them a chance. Are we willing to?! Would we pay them so that they can actually live - so that they can share their talent? Or are we perhaps saving up for the next in smartphone technology - while the other barely has another person to even talk to... Are we done with purchasing two homes already and investing in the third - while the other must live in the streets - homeless? Do we actually care?!

It's a mixed up world where truly - those who appear to be on the top, may well be on the bottom, and those who look like they are on the bottom, are quite often - well on top! We need to see the soul inside the body. We need to value the other - as we value ourselves - and give them the opportunity to be the person they so much want to. If they need support - then we must do everything we can so that they they can live with us - with the goodness we have in our own lives - wishing for them the same things we wish for ourselves - valuing their money as we do our own... When we do - we will see just how much of difference they will make in our own lives too.

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