Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tu Be'Shvat - Kabbalistic Insights by Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz and Other Rabbis (Video)

Tu Be'Shvat - the fifteenth day of the month of Shevat (this year - 2016 - falling out on Monday 25 January) is the day in the Jewish calendar that marks the birthday of the trees. It is a time when the sap begins to make its way up through the tree bringing growth and a preparation for the spring months coming ahead - leading to the festival of Pesach.

There's much more to understanding what the festival is all about. Just what exactly is all this excitement of the trees anyway?! What are we celebrating?! In this beautiful video Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz and other rabbis speak about the beautiful meaning behind this special day - giving hope, encouragement and inspiration not just about trees - but ourselves as well!

What's left afterwards - but to continue with one's Torah study and acts of kindnesses! Contact Reb Eliyahu of Chessed Ve'Emet and book a time to learn online - a book of your choice.

Enjoy the video!

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