Monday, 12 May 2014

The Best Ways of Ever Giving Charity: Two Awesome Videos

Everyone knows that giving charity is one of life's major tests. It's not always easy to give even when we have the best of intentions. But there are always times we do want to give. We want to make the difference in another's life - especially when we know just how much they need help. Everybody needs help - at some point in time. It's always good - as they say - to pay it forwards.

I had seen the video below a few weeks ago and it caught my attention. The Rambam lists 8 levels of charity. The highest when we help someone get a job, employ him (and pay him WELL,) support his activities, give him a loan, refer others to him etc. etc. The list continues with aspects concerning the giver and recipient and which of the parties is aware that the other is involved in the transaction. The lowest level is giving even when one does so begrudgingly.

Here's a quick story of someone who wanted to give to others without embarrassing them:

A wealthy man once wanted to make sure that the poor of his town were taken care of. He did not want to embarrass them with his gifts. What did he do? He had a company ship over a quantity of bricks to his home and instructed them to place the bricks on his front lawn. He then called up the first needy man and told him he had a problem! He was in need of the bricks - but in his backyard! He would pay him $200 if he could move the bricks there so that he could continue with some work. What a pleasure - thought the poor man. Just a couple of hours later, it was all done - and he was $200 richer!

The wealthy man then called another of the poor in town. He explained to him that some bricks had been delivered and placed in the backyard. He needed them on the front lawn. He would pay him well - $200 if he could help. The poor man was only too happy! In just a couple of hours the bricks were on the front lawn - and this poor man - like the other, was already $200 richer!

And so the wealthy man continued - assisting in this same way - for all the poor in town.

Giving is something we can all do to help another. We can do it even without embarrassing them! There's always a way to make it happen!

In our video, a man does the same thing - making one in-need "wealthy" without causing any embarrassment! (Surely he would have found out later - but this is not the point. At the time it was happening, the man in need had no idea what was planned.) We should watch and learn - that giving in ways that do not cause embarrassment to the other are indeed ranked in the highest of levels of charity.

It was the follow up to this story that blew me away the most! You'll have to watch it to believe it. Those who saw the act of kindness, were so encouraged, so taken in by the good deed, that they also wanted a part. They also wanted to help this homeless man. They did so by donating generously! So much money came in that they were able to purchase a home for the homeless man (see the deal in the video) and assist him with some very fine furnishings! This is indeed an aspect of the highest level of charity.

Chessed Ve'Emet is also involved in assisting those who lack, to be able to own their own home items, including furniture, appliances and other necessities - all brand new! Our dream is to be able to assist those lacking to be able - very much like this man - to own their very own homes. Any time one is involved in showing others the importance of giving to the highest extent possible creates a great Kiddush Hashem - a sanctification of the Name of G-d. Likewise we can well imagine what discouraging others from performing such acts of kindness can do, let alone showing up the true lack of value they have for another. We really do need to watch videos like this and see that even amongst the nations of the world, there are those who value the honour of another and wish for their very best - nothing less than the best! Imagine how much more beautiful this world would be, if instead of always thinking that the other could get by on the street, we would think of how to assist them to live in dignity and honour!

For those wanting to learn more of our activities, see our main page: Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project - assisting orphans to marry in dignity.

This video is extremely powerful! May we learn to perform acts of kindness in similar ways and give wherever we can to those in need.

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