Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Help Bring Moshiach - Video Clip of the Rebbe

Just a few days ago, we began the new cycle of learning the Tanya - Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liady's magnum opus of mystical teachings, discussing the nature of the soul and it's duty, purpose and challenge in the world. A glance at the first chapters lets us know about souls that operate on the level of "head" and souls that operate on the level of "feet." Souls who must lead others because of their complete knowledge and understanding of how things must be, and souls who must put into action whatever needs to be done.

A Rebbe has a soul of the former kind, with complete clarity of what must be done. Those who lack this particular soul (most everybody else,) have within them the strength necessary to achieve what needs to be done. Nevertheless, the Rebbe is by no means exempt. On the contrary, he is at the very forefront of every activity, leading by example. There are many things he is able to achieve as he leads the way, but even so, there is also a frustrating feeling of realising that there is much more that still needs to be done - by others. After all, feet are much more suited to running - than are heads!

Our generation seems lost in both material and spiritual pursuits, with everybody on a path of "every man doing right in his own eyes," while forgetting the goal. This goal is to bring Moshiach - the real Messiah of the world, who will bring both physical and spiritual redemption to every person on every level they need it. Many feel they are already there. They feel it "spiritually," apparently living the perfect and ideal spiritual life. They even feel it materially - with many being blessed with their deepest most personal material fantasies and whims being fulfilled on a daily basis. But it doesn't take much to actually pause, step back, and realise that we're far from redemption, both on a personal and a global level.

We enter the festival of Chanukah, a time of light. But it's only light because we make it so. There is always the Shamash - the "Master Candle" that lights the others. But then, the real Mitzvah is the candles that burn on their own throughout the eight days. The Shamash is really there only to get things started. When it comes to actual fulfillment, it's important that the individual candles themselves illuminate the world. Even though it may seem like nothing can be lit by itself and the Shamash is needed, we must keep focused on realising that what is most crucial is for the individual lights to bring illumination into the world. The Shamash may always be there, but the Mitzvah lights must take the torch for themselves - and share the light that they have!

Each one of us - this very day - finds himself/herself in trying times like nothing ever before. But it's time for us to take the light that we have inside and to light ourselves up - sharing this beauty with others. "A candle is a Mitzvah, and the Torah is light," teaches King Solomon - the wisest of men. The Rebbe - and all those outstanding Tzaddikim before him - have done everything they can to bring Moshiach, but it seems that he has not yet arrived. He has not yet redeemed us, and each of us, in our own way, feel the pains of the exile - one in which G-d too finds Himself. Now it is up to us, each in our own unique way to increase every day with something great, something new, something kind - never "blue."

Right now, it is time for each of us to take on another Mitzvah. One today - and another tomorrow. Time to increase in our Torah learning and our teaching to others. Time to give a little more. Time to focus on even greater honesty, more care and more sharing the pain and difficulties of others. Should you feel lost in wondering where next to bring a ray of light into the world, check in to, and better yet, bring some light into the lives of those who are lacking redemption - to be blessed with some type of redemption they need - today! Enjoy the video and do take it to heart!

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