Monday, 19 December 2011

The Compassion of a Cat - a Lesson for Moms, a Lesson for us All (+Video Clip)

If you follow my blog, you'll notice whenever I see a video showing the wisdom of animals, I share it. What does this ever have to do with Torah? Our Sages teach us that we are to learn from everything in life. It tells us that were it not for Torah, we would need to learn from animals. We'd learn about industry from the ant which, though only lives six months, prepares food for much longer (for the generations to come.) We'd learn love from the dove - which has only one mate (and always seems to be with it - have you noticed?!) And we'd learn modesty from the cat.

Of course back in those days, we'd just have to take the Torah at face value as to it's truth. We might however wonder just how much else we could learn from animals. But today, with the plethora of amazing animal videos around, we can turn to these videos made by others, showing the wisdom of animals - things we need to learn ourselves.

The cat may teach modesty - just because of its way of attending to its needs in a modest manner. It's a great lesson to learn - modesty of course! But is there anything else we could learn from a cat?

The video below brings out some beautiful points. It's geared towards moms, and to us all. To those who have been blessed with children - do you treasure your blessing? Always?! When the baby cries, are you ready to soothe it - or do you just sometimes have enough of it all, wishing you could rather sleep longer or just get away from it all?! The real blessing is when we can turn around and see our children for the blessings they are - even when they're no longer babies. Even when they too have started their own families. That care should be impossible to give up.

Even a cat knows how to bring out its internal essential motherly feelings when it comes to the pain of a baby - a human baby - of having to listen to it's crying and wanting nothing less than to soothe the baby, make it feel calm, make it feel loved. That's what we need to be able to do - even when it's not our own. Even a cat can do that. Even a cat can show love - real love. Even when it has claws with which to scratch for protection, it can think of holding back and providing, instead, a soothing touch, and even a kiss to make sure everything is all okay. And later... even a cat can gently remove its calming touch as it considers the possibility that it may still be needed. And only when things are just right again - will it step away - completely. Though even with that, it's still there, watching the baby, hoping that all is well with it.

There's much we can learn from a cat. Indeed, there is much we can learn from all of Creation. It's all here to guide us, to teach us and make us aware that more than anything - we need to grow, every single day. We need to become better, more caring, and more sensitive - especially when it comes to others.

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rina said...

love this! i watched it more than once.


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