Tuesday, 14 September 2010

You too Can Merit the Revelation of Eliyahu Hanavi – Elijah the Prophet (with video clip!)

There are few people in the world who may not wish for that extraordinary experience in life! It's true, many are happy to live their day to day physical lives. But then there are the rest of us wanting to connect with the Source far above us! How ever are we to do it?! The Kabbalistic tradition teaches us not to fear – but to know that when our deeds are worthy enough, we are all able to merit a variety of super ordinary experiences in life that bring us further in touch with the Creator of the world.

The Prophet Elijah – Eliyahu HaNavi – testifies himself in the book "Tanna Devei Eliyahu" when talking about the prophetess Devorah, that, "I bring the heavens and the earth to testify, whether Jew or non-Jew, whether man or woman, whether slave or maidservant – everything in accordance with the deeds that one does – so too will the Divine Presence rest upon him." (Tanna Devei Eliyahu 9:1)

Indeed the revelation of Eliyahu HaNavi is a reality. It's a blessing. And it comes to all who sanctify themselves doing that much little extra in turning themselves into G-dly people. All are capable and all can merit that this great prophet appear before one to teach one the secrets of the Torah!

But those striving for such lofty goals constantly moan and cry out regarding their plight – wondering if they will ever succeed. Will they ever become so holy as to merit the revelation?! Can they *really* do it?! Or did they perhaps misunderstand the vivid words that Eliyahu HaNavi himself already said?!

Rosh HaShanah has passed. Yom Kippur approaches… and then it's Sukkot, and still we find ourselves with a feeling of hollowness inside, wishing that we too could merit such a sighting. Oh… to be one of those great Tzaddikim who merit the revelation of Elijah the Prophet!

But do we really know what it is all about?! After all, if we have never actually seen Eliyahu HaNavi – do we know what to expect? Do we know when to prepare for the visitation?! Will we need to be awake at midnight as we recite the Tikkun Chatzot prayer and thereafter spend the rest of the early hours of the morning immersed in learning both the revealed and more mystical inner parts of the Torah?! And if we don't know what to expect, how can we best prepare to make it an actuality! Will we need to be wearing all-white garments immersed in a meditative state?! Must we be wearing our Tefillin and Tallitot (if men)?! Should we be in a state of a full week fast?!

How can *we* merit to have Elijah the Prophet appear to us?

In Pirkei Avot 1:17 Shimon ben Gamliel teaches, "Action is the main thing!" Eliyahu HaNavi reiterates this as he teaches that Ruach HaKodesh – the Divine Spirit comes only to one who is involved in actual deeds. If Elijah the Prophet teaches this, then it is certain that it is through our deeds that we will merit the revelation of Elijah the Prophet himself!

But will we indeed merit Eliyahu HaNavi?! Is it guaranteed?! YES! Sometimes, however, it takes a little lateral thinking…

So… if after watching the video below you are interested in a visitation of the great Prophet Elijah, make a contribution to the lives of a couple about to be married… a woman needing funds to immerse in a Mikvah… a Torah scholar in need of books… A Torah scholar simply wanting to spend his days and nights learning without interruption and the need to have to earn a "regular" living, a Yeshiva needing to beginBaalei Teshuva ("returnees" to observant Jewish life) in need of getting a head start on proper Jewish observance... or a number of Bnei Torah in need of Lulavim and help with Sukkot expenses… or simply visit http://lovingkindness.co and acquaint yourself with some very special Mitzvah projects – and make the difference in life you would expect Elijah the Prophet to make… in your very own life…

Enjoy the clip – as Yaakov and his Rebbe reveal the secret you've been waiting to hear!

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