Monday, 23 November 2009

The Unique Role of Women in Hastening the Redemption

Are you serious about desiring redemption – The Redemption? Do you really yearn for it, or is it just something to make for a good conversation?

How about attending a full one day event with six inspirational speakers – well known authors too?

A day devoted to real Jewish unity. Tehillim will be read, and dancing will be had!

It's taking place in the holiest city of the world – Jerusalem in just a couple of weeks time. You're invited! But seats are limited – so you best book yours TODAY!

You'll be treated to terrific food too – catered under the BaDaTZ Eida HaChareidit – so you won't go hungry!

You'll get to interact with like-minded women who are also yearning for real redemption and are prepared to put in the effort to find out more, learn and contribute.

There will be great prizes up for grabs in a number of raffles!!!

A day filled with learning about good things. A day devoted to encouraging and inspiring everyone to increase in acts of goodness and kindness.

It's there for you to take part… Are you ready for Redemption and are you ready to take part?

Find our more at "Chessed Ve'Emet", and book your seat NOW! Booking is absolutely essential.

Sponsorships available. Sponsor a speaker or two or any aspect of the event. Or make a donation of a substantial item to be raffled to raise money for this and further Mitzvah projects by "Chessed Ve'Emet."

This is just the first such full day event. We are set on making this a once-a-month Rosh Chodesh event – there to inspire you, encourage you, and give you even further guidance on doing even more good in the world.

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