Monday, 5 October 2009

Never Good Enough for Anyone Else? Just be the Great You!


How many times in life have you dreamed your dreams? How many times have you wanted to be something you felt you should be? How many times do you know other people who tell you – you can't! People who will tell you that you don't have what it takes. You don't have the ability to succeed. You don't have the means. Physically you can't do it. You have to be like everyone else. Get a job, get a steady income. Better yet, go to university, become a "standard" doctor, lawyer or accountant, then get married, have three kids, and get the standard job that everyone does, work like everyone does and get by in life.

If only things were so easy! But what about those of us who want to make a success of our lives? Those of us who don't want to be doctors or lawyers. Those of us who want to simply be ourselves?! Is it okay to fail? Is it possible to still succeed in the paths we want to go on if we pull ourselves up again? Or is there a point we must simply give in to the norms of society – as in the rules above?!

When an ill person is diagnosed by a doctor with a terrible disease – G-d forbid, does he accept it and wait for his life to end (in exact accordance with the doctors predictions?!) Perhaps – or usually – he goes for a second opinion. Perhaps another doctor knows better! Yet when we're insulted for the lives we have chosen for ourselves, do we walk on and visit another "doctor" for a second opinion? Or do we accept the insult, look at ourselves without hope and think that maybe the insulter is right after all?! What about if you are the insulter himself?! Have you ever stopped to consider that things are not as you say they are for the other? Are there not other variables at work all the time that can make things change at any point in time for a person – especially one who chooses a good path in life?!

Isn't the world filled with infinite possibilities? Is there really a guarantee for anything?! Even the shops today will give no more than a one year guarantee on the latest technological device designed to last a life time! If one does become a doctor – and the best brain surgeon in the world – is this a guarantee for success. Nothing could ever go wrong for such an individual, unable to ever fall short of success! Never could an operation accidentally go wrong and the doctor find himself in a huge lawsuit… Never could an operation go wrong causing a patient to die. It's never happened?!

Yet what of the simple person… One day he wins the lottery. Or perhaps he meets a great Hollywood actor who likes him so much that he invites him to the latest auditions in the next blockbuster movie. Suddenly Mr. Nobody becomes Mr Popular and Mr Next Millionaire! Things change fast and we need to be in control of understanding that things are not just one way.

There is no guarantee for anything. And there is no stopping anybody from accomplishing any goal they are ready to achieve… even if they fail one million times. They can get up again and go on to making a success. Does it matter that success has not happened within the year? There is still another year ahead where success can happen. Perhaps, in fact, the year gone by has not been a failure, but has rather been the foundation for the success in store in the next year. In nay case, even if nothing happens the next year… still there is another year ahead for greater achievements. It can still happen – and it will! And for those who feel they have it all, there is no guarantee that they will even live the year to enjoy it.

When it comes to ourselves we need to see the good we have and what we can accomplish. We need to feel positive that we can achieve the goals we'd like to. We need to feel strong that we can do it ourselves without having to feel insulted by those that undermine our abilities to make a success of who we are – because we are unique. That's what makes each of us great. Thank G-d we're all so unique. It's through this that we are able to make an individual contribution to the world, something that others will gain benefit from. Through this we also become the best we can at who we really are. We're all unique – and there are no guarantees for success in any one particular way of life over another. Our job is to move forwards in a direction we see as being best suited for the talents we have. Our job is not to become the next human robot who ends up like the rest of the world, stuck in a rut of life filled with sadness at what life has given us. Our job is to become ourselves, and to become the great people we are.

As for those who feel they have already achieved success and are in a stronger position to insult others not yet on their level of life… Perhaps it is time to consider if indeed their lives are truly a success. Do they really know all the answers?! Have they truly seen everything there is to the world? Do they really know how everything should turn out – and what will make another person successful and happy in life? Perhaps it is time to change the tune. Perhaps it is time to encourage the other so that the other will actually make a success of life – doing the things he/she wishes to do.

Of course, who am I to think such thoughts?! Can I really convince others of such ideas? Maybe not…

But here is someone in the video below who perhaps understands these concepts better than all of us. He's just a person like everyone else. He came from a family that already had all the answers. His mother – a nurse, had delivered hundreds of babies, so she well knew about delivering babies. The doctors were also experts in their fields knowing this baby would be just fine! In fact everyone involved in the birth of the baby who would grow into the man in this video were the most expert of all authorities in how everything should be done… and yet, with all of that, they were blinded to a far more powerful force that humbled every one of them in making them realise, they knew absolutely nothing. Isn't it strange how those who know everything there is to know in life – often know absolutely nothing?!

Of course, as Nick himself says, had the doctors – in all their mighty wisdom – actually known what would be, they would definitely have aborted this child. Wouldn't you have?! If so, the powerful message that this man has to offer the world would have never have come about. For one, I would not have been affected as much as I was, and for another, I wonder if you would ever have become affected as much as you may find yourself after watching this 20 minute video.

We don't know anything about life at all – no matter how much we think we know about it. Those who say they do may simply have a large ego that can be humbled in the most powerful way in just one second! It's time to look at ourselves at what we can do right in the world, to be successful to ourselves and to others. It's also time we stop telling others how to live their lives, but instead encourage, support and help as much as possible to make everyone become as successful as they truly are able to become. The video below is for those who feel the need to grow… to develop themselves and to become better human beings. I hope this is you…

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