Thursday, 25 September 2008

SPECIAL OFFER! Davening for YOU - at Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meiron - THIS ROSH HASHANAH + MORE!!!

We are offering 2
For those interested in taking part:

1. Many of the great Rabbis in Israel go to a variety of places to pray for the needs of Jews. Lists of names together with requests for these people are read. This practice is said to bring salvations for many and is an accepted charitable organisation.
Because of the high cost to be put onto the list, we have decided to offer you the opportunity of being placed on the list together with others at the special of only $18 per person.
TO DO: Donate (in increments of $18 "LIFE" or any amount above 18). Mention the names of people to pray for and their needs, including all or either of: Success in Torah, Parnassah in abundance, Fitting marriage partner, Children, Refuah & Salvation, Length of Days, Success in all matters.
Names should be submitted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE i.e. BEFORE THIS SHABBOS to be on this list before Rosh HaShanah.

2. Would you like your prayers to be said at the grave of REBBI SHIMON BAR YOCHAI this Rosh Hashanah? We are working on being there! Due to the expenses of accommodation and travel, we would like to act as your Shlichim and through joint effort, make this trip possible TOGETHER. Because of our relative proximity - we can make this a possibility for all!
Minimum donations of $18 per name is asked for (again) and as above whatever needs are requested. If sufficient donations are not received before Rosh HaShanah, the names will still be said on our next trip there. Donations can be DIRECTLY ON THIS SITE - as above!

Please let us know if the names to be submitted should be recited in Meiron / by the Rabbis in point 1 or both (two donations necessary.)
We require just 10 people to take part to make this happen!
Let's work together,
unite and bring our Tefillos to the right destination
for success for us all!
Kesiva VeChasima Tova - LeShanah Tova U'Mesuka!
Rabbi Eliyahu Shear

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