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Partnerships: How Can We Help You?



Even the bees and the flowers know about partnerships! This world is all about bees and flowers… Bees need nectar which flowers can give them. In return, bees help spread pollen for the flowers. Then bees create honey for humans. It’s really all about unity… and everybody benefits. Isn't nature wonderful?!

Finding ourselves in the current period of time – not just the three weeks – but with the general lack of concern for the value of a human life – let alone a Jewish life –should perhaps make us even more aware of what it means to share in the difficulties of another – as if they were our own.

Our freedom – when the Temple was destroyed - was taken away from us because we lacked unity. (We may think we are free, but as can clearly be seen by the financial constraints we are all undergoing right now, that freedom is certainly a relative term!)

Perhaps, then, our greatest asset today would be to encourage unity – on all fronts. The financial being no exception. We may sometimes forget that the highest level of charity is not just giving money to another, or in fact, even loaning it to them, but in reality, helping them be successful financially on their own by becoming PARTNERS with others – in whatever way one can. As the biblical commentator Rashi points out in relation to helping a poor person (a depressed person? A person who has lost all hope?) – that when a donkey has a load upon it so that it can continue on it’s journey, then even if this load wobbles a little, one or two people can still steady the load on it’s back… If however, the massive load falls off, then even many people will battle to get the load back on again.

The Internet has taught us that unity can be achieved no matter where one is. Unity – even in a physical sense. Money can be sent from one country to another in one second using a simple tool such as Paypal. Video conferencing makes for an almost personal touch of seeing someone thousands of miles away. Today, if we can’t manage to find partners in our own neighbourhood, we can still know that partnerships can be created even thousands of miles apart!

We are currently working on establishing a Yeshiva. But it’s not the regular kind at all, because we have structured it with a variety of programs for everyone. We don’t want people to just be “in learning”. We want to create a place of opportunity for everyone to be able to have the means to take care of themselves – always, and never having to rely on constantly having to “embarrass” themselves with asking for help. As the Torah teaches, Torah study without Derech Eretz (a job, work?) will not be successful. Both are needed. Even the biblical commentator Rashi owned a vineyard to bring in his income – so that he could be free to learn Torah.

To achieve these goals, we have set up a variety of sales opportunities for people to take part in – no matter where in the world they find themselves.


We would like to become partners with you.




We have a range of items for sale, as well as setting up a blog which teaches Torah and allows others to take part in sponsoring articles in memory of loved ones. These sales items can be shipped to anywhere in the world and we’d like to become partners with you with all of this.

As for us, we’re striving for UNITY! We are in need of bringing ourselves together to actually help each other out – TOGETHER! No longer are we a generation looking for jobs on our own, submitting CV’s to companies so that we can have a job for ourselves. Today, it’s about being prepared to help another – so that in turn, they will help us. As the Torah teaches, one who prays for his friend who has the same difficulty – will be answered first! What greater way of bringing blessing to oneself than trying to partner with another who is also in need of the same thing?!

Perhaps more than anything – the Creator of the world is waiting for us to finally turn to each other with humility to say that we actually need each other – no matter how much or how little we have.

Our Yeshiva has already set up four wonderful partnerships. We have set up a partnership with an authority in the Torah world – Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum – to help sell his books and to work with him in furthering his organisation’s goals.

We have also set up a partnership with a very special and unique individual – Nissin Konikov, a professional photographer who is no longer able to engage in his photography as he did years ago – due to a medical condition. But because he cannot run around at Semachot taking photographs, does not mean he should lack an income from his photography. We too have formed a partnership – and we have uploaded his beautiful images onto our blog for people to purchase. In this way, he is able to earn income passively – exactly what he is in need of.

We have set up a partnership with Ilana Atia the editor of the fascinating and stimulating Journal B’Or HaTorah. B’Or HaTorah provides articles that combine Science, Art and Medicine with Torah. By providing another outlet for selling these journals we help to spread this interesting form of Torah knowledge while also aiding in covering costs to produce this journal.

We have another wonderful partnership with Rosemary Kahn who is a talented teacher, published author and very creative and inspiring woman. We have already uploaded a few articles written by Rosemary Kahn and encourage our fellow Jew to make a donation in the merit of a loved one so that we can pay her for her articles. In addition, we are working towards obtaining sponsorship to publishing 4 beautiful children’s picture books with a Jewish theme that Rosemary Kahn has written.

Our greatest partnership is our Shidduch service helping you (or a relative or a friend) to find your life partner.

Our international Tehillim group unites and makes partners of every Jewish woman around the globe – at least once a week!

We moderate an Internet Group called “Global Torah” that helps you to find your partner in learning Torah.

We have another Internet Group called Acts of Goodness of Kindness, helping those who have something to give to find the appropriate partner to whom to give to.

But we want to further our partnerships with others – with you!


We would be more than happy to hear your ideas for what we could offer you on the blog. But if you have nothing to offer at this point in time, we would be delighted to offer you the possibility of working together with us in marketing a range of beautiful Torah images amongst others. We also send custom designed gifts to those in Jersualem for special occasions and Yamim Tovim. People around the world wishing to send gifts to family in Jerusalem and Beitar can order their gifts directly from us and we deliver these to them.

In addition there are countless sponsoring opportunities we have running – whether for money raised for the Yeshiva itself, or even for writing articles. Those with a flair for writing and would like to be paid for their writing should let us know what they can offer, and as we find people interested in sponsoring such articles we will be happy to make a partnership with you – to contribute to what we are doing. In addition for those helping to raise money for articles that are already being written, we will create a partnership with this income generated, giving you a good commission for this worthy work.

The Jewish people are more in need of unity now – than in any other period of history. This means we need to get together – to actually become one. To be able to relate to each other as individuals – whose needs and desires are just the same as everybody else’s.


Are you ready to make a new one?! Moshiach will be brought into this world because we will do so together – none of us can make it happen on our own. So too, as we progress in our day to day lives, we are in need of creating partnerships with each other. This must be done… NOW!

This is what we can offer you from our side. Now, it’s up to you to tell us what you can add to our program – or how we can add to yours.

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