Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Great Minds Who Can Prove That G-d Does Not Exist (Includes Video Clip)

Wide Field Imager view of a Milky Way look-alike NGC 6744 
By ESO (http://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1118a/)
[CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The story is told about a great artist who was confronted once by an atheist. He believed the world had no G-d. He believed the world - the universe and the galaxies and all the creatures therein, came about all by themselves. A big bang (by "nature") - maybe. An eternal existence that just existed for all eternity before. He approached the artist one day in discussion about his conclusions of life, highlighting that clearly - the world came into existence just-like-that - spontaneously! There was no real Creator. With this, the artist told the atheist to come back the next day - and he would have an answer to the atheist's assumptions and "findings."

The next day the atheist returned. He entered the artist's main art room to find a splendid painting on his desk. "Who painted this?!" the atheist asked in awe of the stunning image of perfection in front of his eyes. "Oh... it was an accident," the artist replied. "I had my paints on the table, and they opened up and spilled all by themselves onto the canvas! This beautiful image was created from the spill." The atheist laughed! "How can such a thing happen? Not only did the paint bottles open of their own accord and spill, but they even painted this exquisite image! Surely a great artist must have produced this intricate work?!"

The artist replied, "You have answered your own question. If a simple painting which was produced by an ordinary human being could not come have come about by itself - and yet you stand in awe of it, how can it be that an infinite world filled with planets, galaxies, creatures of all kinds, with a brilliance and perfection impossible to understand - come about on their own too?! Surely there must be a Creator?! A Master Artist!"

The story repeats itself in every generation. It's just the characters who change. Even the greatest of minds can see infinity - the exquisiteness of creation. Even they can conceive of infinite creations. Yet, unfortunately for them - there is no Artist. These things have come into existence - much like that beautiful spilled-paint painting - all by themselves.

G-d is so great - that He can even create the greatest of minds who can prove that He does not exist.

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