Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Watchmaker of the World (with video included!)

It is hard to believe, but with the progress of technology and so many wonderful things in the world, there are still so many that believe that worlds appear from nothing (by themselves of course!) and frogs appear from thin air. These frogs some day turn into apes, and within millions of years, these apes eventually become men (though one may think things to be just the opposite!)

With all our knowledge, we turn to the intricate makings of the inside of a watch. Filled with cogs, wheels, screws and springs - all perfectly aligned with each other so that the hands of the clock work perfectly enough to make sure we know what time of the day it is (though we once again find so many who simply never know this either!) Asking the great scientist of today whether these wheels and cogs could come together of their own - perhaps through dropping the screws and wheels from one's hands in one shot, one would be met with a seriously creased frown which would immediately follow with a finger positioned close to his brain area as it would automatically rotate around and around as he would shake his head and walk off, perhaps even allowing a few silent words to escape his lips.

But ask this same genius whether the world could come together on its own, he would pull out thousands of proofs to show how such amazing creations as the miracles of this world could come about - all on their own.

Isn't life amazing?! It's filled with so many different types of people - who so often to their own disadvantage forget their own inconsistencies - in life itself.

This beautiful video below puts so much in perspective. So next time you look at your watch to see what time it is, remember to think about the real value of time - as it is so directed by a Creator who has given us this moment in life to achieve a goal that He desires from each of us. If you're serious enough about life to appreciate that, you'll also know that that "tick" of life is to be directed to learning Torah, to fulfilling another Mitzvah and bringing goodness and kindness into the world. Tick-tock... Tick-tock... The Watchmaker is watching.

~ The Watchmaker ~

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