Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Learning from a Jeep - and even a Nut! (Video clip included!)

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that we are to learn from everything. That's why everything that exists in the world exists - in order for us to learn from it. Whatever we see or hear - teaches the Baal Shem Tov - we must use in our Avodat Hashem - our service of G-d. It must be there to teach us how to be better, how to see G-d more and how to connect with doing the right things in life. 

How many of us stop to consider the traffic around us and wonder if there is anything to learn from it?! We're mostly interested in reaching our destination! Road rage is simply the offspring of busy traffic - so who would ever bother meditating on other drivers, cars and the movement of life around us?! It's far easier to simply get angry...

Of course, changing one's attitude to all that going on around us - could actually help us in appreciating the traffic and begin to view it in a whole different way! But who has time for that?!

So what could we learn from a jeep?! You'll have to watch the video clip below to appreciate it all, but here's what I gained from it. Indeed, if everything I see and hear is meant to be a lesson in my service to G-d, then these are the lessons I gained from seeing and hearing the video below:

  1. We can't do everything on our own!
  2. When we work together, there's so much we can do!
  3. When we work together, we can succeed!
  4. There's no need to be jealous of another's role in life (because we're working together - remember?!)
  5. We must appreciate the role the other has - because that will help me succeed too!
  6. Working together means we can do things so much faster!
  7. If we can put on a good display to show others that we can work together - we can actually obtain their admiration too!
  8. Today's generation don't seem to understand the concept of working together and how wonderful it can be - that's why they get so excited when they finally see others doing it!
  9. We've all got somewhere to go... and we need something to help us get there!
  10. We most often find ourselves needing the exact same vehicle to get to the same destination! It's best to realise how much we have in common!
  11. There's no need to shout at everybody to make sure a job gets well done!
  12. Even the barest grunt, can be enough of a sound to let others know you've done what you have to and are ready for the next step!
  13. There will have to be someone in charge to make sure things work smoothly - but sometimes, you'll never know who...
  14. There's a lot of fun in working together!
  15. Whether it's a wheel that does the turning, an engine that makes sure the wheel will eventually turn, a seat to sit on, or just a bar to connect two different parts - they really are all needed!
  16. Sometimes everything can look like it's worth nothing... but often - just a second glance will make one realise just how much of a difference even one "nut" can be!
  17. It's easy to take things apart...
  18. It's also easy to put it all back together again!
  19. What makes something amazing is to have seen it in parts - and how it all manages to finally come together!
  20. Following all the rules above ensures for a successful ride in getting to one's destination...
  21. Most people think that 5 minutes is not really worth that much. Think about this... in less than 5 minutes, you could build a car... or you could even learn 21 valuable points about life!

If team work is something you admire - you'll know that the greatest team in the world - ever - is a husband and wife. Together, they actually bring into the world everyone who we see walking around. Without them - there would never be the opportunity for any of us to involve ourselves in other team work.

So... if team work is important to you - that you value them, and your own role in making the difference in another's life, we encourage you to take a part in our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project - helping those in need to be able to successfully start their own lives together!

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