Monday, 23 August 2010

Daniel in the Lion's Den (or Maybe just Kevin...) - with Video Clip

You've probably read the story about Daniel who was thrown into the lion's den. The night passed, but in the morning when the officers removed the large rock covering the den, they discovered Daniel quite well and healthy with a docile lion sitting next to him. One wonders if such things are possible. Can it be that this most powerful of beasts could manage to hold itself back from attacking it's prey? Can it be possible for a man to withstand the power of this beast?! Dare a man even think of attempting to spend but a brief moment in the presence of such power?!

The Torah teaches us that in the days of redemption when the world will be filled with revealed good all around - the wolf will dwell with lamb. And one wonders if such a thing is really possible!

Perhaps such a life is not far off when we look at Kevin Richardson - a unique individual. One wonders what goes through his mind. One wonders how he even considers doing what he does. But perhaps there is a lesson in this for all of us. Perhaps, instead of tormenting animals and torturing animals constantly... perhaps, instead of feeling we are so far superior to them... perhaps if we would but learn to respect everything that should be respected... perhaps then, we could all dare to actually come close to an animal of such awesome strength.

Watching the clip makes one wonder about Kevin... Watch carefully though. Do you see his ego? Do you see his taking charge? Or do you see humility, kindness, appreciation and respect for a creature of this world. Of course this is how he behaves towards an animal. But maybe it's a lesson for how we need to behave towards everything and everyone around us. Whether it's just our innocent destruction of a leaf that we pull off from a tree (for no reason), or whether it's our taking charge over every living creature, or whether it's simply our awesome egos that puff out at anything we believe is worth far less than ourselves - perhaps in all these cases, we would do well to imagine the scenes of the video below and to consider the importance of truly appreciating all of creation. Whether it's appreciating a tree, an animal, a human being (dare we say it!) it seems we still have a long way to go. But peace? It's all possible. It's all there for us. But it's up to us to be humble enough to include the other in our lives, to be there for them, to take the time to understand them, to care for them and to truly show our love for them. Perhaps then, we have the start of a truly G-dly world - one where indeed, the wolf does lie with the lamb. 

As for man, he too will be able to be surrounded by even the most ferocious of beasts, and yet with that will be protected from them all - will be loved by them all - and will be cared for by them all - as he too cares for and loves them.

Look... listen... and learn... Thank you Hashem for  letting us get a glimpse of Your amazing wonders!

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