Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Which Car Are You? (Includes Video)

We live in special times when we have the ability to learn from so many today. One of the biggest things one can see through the variety of videos shared, is just how much people are showing today how important it is to stick together - to be together. There are videos showing us how people judge others by their cars and their looks, and videos showing how important it is to stay far from this. Has G-d ever displayed such in-your-face footage of what is happening in the world and awakening us to strive to improve ourselves to prepare for a better world where peace will reign?

When will that be - and what will that time be like? It will be when we learn to unite and care for each other - as we should; when we learn to stop our harsh judgments of others, expecting them to live the exact same life as they do - only with less pleasure than we have. When we are able to give freely to the other - just because. When we value the other - just because. When we realise the other can feel - just like we do. These in-your-face videos show us just how much G-d is speeding up our lives towards that time - making us open our eyes to see how far we have strayed from truth, and how important it is to awaken and to see the Oneness of life.

Let us not forget, that when something is wrong, it is wrong. The message is not to give in to everything because everything is right. It is that we need to take care to stay far from needless baseless judgments based only on a baseless hatred. 

What wonderful teaching we can learn from a video like below. Enjoy!

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