Friday, 19 June 2015

The North Wind and The Sun - a Lesson in Kindness (Video Included)

The Sun in extreme ultraviolet

By NASA, ESA [Public domain],

If you've heard the story before - listen to it again. If you've never heard it - listen well. It's a beautiful one. The world continues in its usual way with each one "knowing" what's right - and what will make things better. Each one thinking that it is they who are the strongest and who can achieve the most. It's not what life is really all about. The world on land is not like that in the sea - where the larger fish eats the smaller. We are not to learn from those ways of creation. Instead we should learn from those things closest to us here - that we see every day, that teach us the lessons in life we need to internalise every moment.

We look around, and the one thing we receive benefit from every day is the sun. Shining, and giving us light, it is allows those of us who have the privilege of being able to see to view the beauty of life. It's warmth allows us to enjoy living, to enjoy being outdoors. Yet, there are many other "powers" that stand about, each claiming that they are in charge, and it is to them who we must bow down.

The sun knows what's best. It is not an act of violence that repairs the world. It is not an act of power. It is just being there for something or someone, just opening up oneself and allowing the good which one has - that makes all the difference to all who we come into contact with. Kindness will always win. It will always make others happy. Happy with themselves, and happy with the one who has bestowed it upon one. When in doubt - be kind.

Here is that beautiful story of the North Wind and the Sun - by Aesop.

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