Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's FREEZING! What Would You Have Done? What Would You Do?

The excuse is always what we will do "one day" that counts. We all talk about the times when we'll have the money - just how many people we will help! How many times have we heard this from others? The future is open and when the good times come - we'll be giving to everybody! Then of course, are the times when we see what others have done - and say the same thing! If we were there, then we too would have done the exact same thing!

But life is about the now. It's about doing what counts right this moment - to those who may need more than we do. What would we do right now, if we saw the situation truly needed something? Would we be there to help - or would we talk of the past - of doing what others have already done? Or perhaps we would talk of the future - of just how much we will help when we have it all (if we ever do.)

Let's see what others really do do - in this beautiful video clip. This is reality. Here are the real people of the world. Are you one of them? The situation demands immediate attention. Are we willing to give in - right away? So many do. To see it happening is an inspiration. Don't forget, you can always be one of these people. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd - to help the other when they are in need. But that's what it's really all about. It's not about discussing what work they're doing at the time, nor criticizing why it is that they're now freezing ("you made your bed...") It's about real action. It's about now. That's what's required - from every one of us. There really are no excuses - when it comes to doing an additional kindness for someone - without demanding answers - when they're suffering.

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