Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tu B'Shevat: Become an Artist! Become a Circle Drawer Today!

!!!ט"ו בשבט הגיע חג האילנות
Tu B'Shevat has arrived - the Festival of the Trees!!!

Man is a tree of the field (Deuteronomy 20:19) Man and trees are very much interlinked. It was through a tree that man entered a new phase of life as he was sent out of the Garden of Eden. At the same time - one of the most mystical sets of books written - the Etz Chayim by the holy Arizal - brings life to those who understand its mysteries!

There's much to think about regarding the value of a tree - and the value of another human being. As we see the beautiful trees of the field, let us be reminded of the beauty of others. As we value the importance of water to trees so that they bear fruit for us, so too may we value our giving to others so that they too bear fruits for all others to enjoy too.

Enjoy this delightful video clip of a famous teaching in Masechet Taanit. Become a circle drawer today. Become a Choni. Just be sure to bring happiness and goodness to all those "trees" in need of the waters you may be able to provide.

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