Monday, 25 July 2011

A Poem: Neighbourly Love! (Includes some Pics)

It's so much fun when the neighbours build
And think they're in charge of the whole wide world.
The mess they make, the noise they make
Please have respect for Heaven's sake!

We learnt a new law
No building and noise
Beyond seven at night and more

Who would expect at 9pm
A request to stop building
Is met with "Forgive them,"

It doesn't seem to matter
The time of night or day
Whether the neighbours
Need to work or pray

The motive in mind

Is expanding my house
No matter what trouble
Is caused to man or spouse

Don't worry about our balcony
Which once was clean and pretty
The damage – the mess
The headaches and stress

Don't think your landlord
Will be of help
It's up to you to clean and repair
Indeed it's true – we all need to share!

In short a tenant has no rights

The lowest of society
They'll need to pay the bills
Though it was they that suffered all the drills.

Where are our rabbis

From years gone by
Who have compassion on the needy
For the Beit HaMikdash they do cry!

Where is the honesty, kindness and truth

Have compassion on your neighbour
Don't be so aloof

They – who don't have money

Or so they say…
Are building again!
Does anyone pay?

So you be the judge. Who can say if the tenants whose balcony is destroyed was in the right?! Torah allows it and the tenant must pay for full damage done to the landlords balcony - though the damage was done by workers from the apartment above.

We need Mashiach - and soon!

Here's what it's all about in pictures:

Below: Apartment on floor 4 has begun building an upper loft. New rooms to be added instead of balcony too. Everything looks clean. Making those two tiny openings creates enough noise from the drilling as to necessitate leaving the apartment on floor 3 for at least a week!

Below: A side view. Building of upper floor on both sides.

Below: New room being added. Old rooms being renovated. Everything - clean, at least for the owners of apartment on floor 4!

Below: But take a look at what's really going on to the innocent bystander! Floor 3 must deal with the constant flying of rocks and stones.... and the wet cement (now dry of course!) Noise levels are impossible to recreate in this post!

Below: A sample and close up of the rocks, dirt and grime... and the wet cement (now dry!)

Below: Another close up of the mess. It's for the tenants to clean up - not the owners of the apartment who are actually building! However because of the wet cement - they're now required to repair the balcony for their landlords.

Below: On the other side, rocks have fallen even through the security bars onto the ledge of the main bedroom. Another mess for the tenants to clean up. It's not the responsibility of the owners above... yes, even according to Torah law!

I guess it's all just a reminder. The Beit HaMikdash is in ruins...

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