Friday, 13 March 2009

Pesach Assistance

The Rama writes that there is a custom (brought at the beginning of Yerushalmi Baba Basra) to give Tzedakah to the poor to enable them to have all their needs for the Yom Tov of Pesach in a respectable manner. This Tzedaka is known as "Maos Chittim" (money for wheat) or "Kimcha D'Pischa" (Pesach flour). See Shulchan Aruch with Mishnah Berurah 429:1, see Sha'ar Hatziyun 10 for more information.

It is obviously a very great and special Mitzvah to help those unable to celebrate the festival as they would like to, to be able to do so like true kings, after all Pesach is the festival of our freedom.

With this in mind and less than 30 days to go before Pesach, we have begun a Pesach appeal fund asking for your help this Pesach to aid families in being able to celebrate Pesach this year in true freedom with all the wine, Matzah and tasty food they need.

Our goal: $3 000
Please help us generously in this worthy project.
Blessings for a Kosher and Happy Pesach to Everyone.

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