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Hayom Yom - Sivan 9 - Purify the Air with Your Mishna Learning




"The world is in need of purified air. Purifying the air can only take place through the letters of the Torah. The letters of the Torah are a general protection and a protection for the individual. The division of the 6 Orders of the Mishna (off by heart) is - "And in your going on the way." One who learns and recites a Mishna or two wherever they may be, in whatever place one may be - illuminates the connection of the Jewish people with the Holy One Blessed be He. The word Mishna "משנה" has the same letters as the word "נשמה" Neshama - soul. It is very difficult to find the words to express the enourmous benefit, with the help of G-d, in general protection and individual protection that the regular repetition of Mishnayot brings, with the help of G-d, and there are no words to express the tremendous pleasure that they cause to the Creator of the world, blessed be He."

While we may think that the air we breath is equal wherever we are, the teaching for today shares with us that the purity of air is created by the very words we say. When we speak words of purity - and especially words of Torah - and especially words of Mishna study, we literally purify the air around us.

How easy it is to think that we are all able to simply live by breathing the free air around us. yet there are many people unable to do this. Such people walk around with oxygen tanks and tubes running through their nostrils allowing them to breath PURE AIR!

Perhaps it may be that such people are even allergic to the bad air around them and require a pure oxygen that satiates their bodies (and souls!) Yet, with just a little effort on our part, we can all take part in purifying the air around us. (Who knows what effect this may have even on the Ozone layer?!)

This is achieved with kind words being said, words of holy Torah being spoken - and where one is able to, to literally recite Mishnayos off by heart - no matter where one is. Thereby one is able to fulfill the teaching of Torah we recite at least twice a day "... and in your going on the way". We are to learn Torah when we get up in the morning, when we go to sleep, wherever we are, and even when we are moving about all day (as passengers in a car or on a bus!) Through this, we create an environment around us filled with absolute purity.



Did you know that the Oral Law is known as ShaS?

ShaS stands for Shisha Sedarim. The Six Orders of the Law. This is so because there are six sections of law to master:
  1. Zeraim - Laws of Agriculture (and the laws for blessings)
  2. Moed - Laws of the Sabbath and Festivals
  3. Nashim - Laws Pertaining to Marriage and Divorce
  4. Nezikin - Laws Pertaining to Damages
  5. Kodashim - Laws Pertaining to the Temple, and Dietary laws
  6. Taharot - Laws Pertaining to Purity and Impurity

While there are 6 orders in total, each order is broken up into numerous tractates, each tractate into numerous chapters, and each chapter into numerous Mishanyot.

Did you know that there are 525 chapters in the total system of the Oral Law?

By learning just TWO CHAPTERS a day - one can complete the entire Oral Law (in Mishna) in LESS THAN ONE YEAR!

For more information see:

Scroll to the bottom of the page of the bottom link for a list of further links for more information in learning Mishna in accordance with a proper structured program.

The Internet provides numerous sites that teach each Mishna - both in writing and in audio - allowing you to maximise your learning even if you find it difficult to find someone in person to learn from (which of course is always the best!)

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