Friday, 12 August 2011

Holy Books for a Bayit Chadash (a New Home)

If you've been following this blog and know about Chessed Ve'Emet, you'll know that one of our projects - Bayit Chadash - "A New Home" is all about helping those who lack the financial means to begin their own homes and  able to have the necessities let alone those special items in their homes that so many of us take for granted.

We've got a special request to make and we're offering you the opportunity to take part in this Mitzvah of kindness. You're welcome to give as much as you are able to - knowing that whatever you give will make a huge difference in being able to obtain the special item we're asking for today.

The Chatan is a Torah scholar and would like to own a set of Tur - the most basic set of books necessary for learning the roots of all Halacha - as codified ultimately in the Shulchan Aruch. He is working on the path of Semicha (rabbincal ordination) and is in need of these books.

You're welcome to take part in our Mitzvah - and we certainly encourage you to. We're aiming to raise ₪2500 to make this a reality. 

Make your difference in the life of a couple set on building their home with the most beautiful Jewish values - holy books, holy items and the preparation for bringing holy children into the world.

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