Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How to Rebuke your Fellow Jew (with Video Clip)

What's really involved when it comes to rebuking a fellow Jew?! We see someone doing something "wrong" and we "know better." We want to correct the other. It can take a life time of learning to find out the right approach to take when coming to rebuke another. It takes much tact, control and sensitivity to get it right. Many are ready to let it all out when it comes to telling off the other regarding the correct behaviour necessary in any given situation. Often, we simply know better. When it comes to rebuking, we're ready to truly put the other in their place showing them exactly where they are wrong. But do we really know the right approach when it comes to rebuke? Do we really know the correct approach when it comes to helping another improve their behaviour?! Have we studied enough?! Are we ourselves learned enough? Are we perfect enough to know the truth and correctness of every situation at any time - always?! Perhaps a little consideration of these ideas may make us a little more sensitive the next time we're ready to let another know just what correct behaviour is all about.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe shares an approach consistent with real Torah Judaism as to the path to take when it comes to teaching another, rebuking them and guiding them. He tells us what it means to focus on helping another to appreciate Torah, Judaism and how to improve and be an even better Jew. The approach might seem like old news to some - and yet to others, something quite foreign. Perhaps the only way to find out if it really works... is to give it a try!

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