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The Zohar on the Lights of Pesach - and Pesach Sheini

The 14th of Iyar is known as Pesach Sheini – the Second Pesach. 

The week which contains the Sefirah of Hod (Empathy/Glory – Aharon HaKohein) during Sefirat HaOmer is filled with an extra measurement of holiness. Pesach Sheini – the 14th of Iyar contains its own special holiness within the week – a holiness which is high and exalted. It is during this week that the gates of heaven remain open…

On the mystical level, the Zohar (3:152b) explains this holiness:

"Since the time that Knesset Yisrael which is the Shechina (the indwelling Divine Presence) is crowned with her crowns during the month of Nissan – which means that she receives the lights (the flow of blessing and goodness) on the first night of Pesach, she does not remove her lights from herself for 30 days until the 14th day of Iyar.

"All these 30 days from the day that the Jewish people had left (Egypt) and brought the Pesach offering, the Queen – the Shechina, sits with Her lights, and all Her hosts are filled with happiness! Therefore someone who wishes to see the Queen i.e to receive from Her these lights, is able to ascend all these 30 days (i.e. until the 14th Iyar.)

"Afterwards an announcement is made – "Everyone who up until now had not been able to see the Queen – the Shechina, and to receive from her these lights, let him come and see now before the gates are locked." When is the announcement made? On the 14th day of the second month (i.e. 14 Iyar.) From then, up until another seven days the gates remain open, because the light of Pesach Sheini illuminates in the same way corresponding to the seven days of the First Pesach. From here onwards… they lock the gates closed. Therefore those who were not able to fulfil the First Pesach, are still able to fulfil the Second Pesach on the 14th of the second month (14 Iyar.)"

To summarise:

Pesach Sheini – the 14th of Iyar, contains within it beautiful lights of blessing. It is a time for us to "tap into" these beautiful lights, to pray with extra fervour knowing that just as the power of miracles existed on the 14th (15th) day of Nissan at the time we offered the Korban Pesach and then left Egypt, so too these same lights of blessing exist also on the 14th Iyar. More than this, these lights continue shining out to the world – and to each of us for the entire week of the Sefirat HaOmer which includes the Sefirah of Hod – the Sefirah related to empathy, to glory, to acceptance – to Aharon HaKohein.

Eat a piece of Matzah and be reminded that the holy sparks contained in this humble food, charge each of us with healing and the blessing of "swallowing" the faith we need to be completely absorbed inside ourselves to live a Torah lifestyle – every day, every night – every single moment – with our only desire to please G-d, to bring blessing to others, and experience the most wonderful thing of all, to feel completely balanced within ourselves, at ease with our own souls that desire nothing more than the True Goodness that life has to offer.


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