Sunday, 26 April 2009

MITZVAH: Mikvah Project - "Purity with Dignity"


A few months ago, we set up an innovative Mitzvah project - the Mikvah Project - "Purity with Dignity".

It's all about encouraging women (and men obviously) to follow the laws of Family Purity, and aiding those who already do to be able to immerse in a Mikvah at no cost.

With the prices of everything always on the rise, being able to fulfill certain Mitzvot involving financial costs becomes even more challenging.

While many (to this day) still think that immersing in a Mikvah is free of charge, (having been told this by many women via email), this is in fact not true. Mikvah costs including building and maintenance, water etc., excluding the costs for the Mikvah lady amount to hundreds of thousands of Rands (Dollars). To cover these costs, women must pay to be able to use the Mikvah each month.

Our project has launched successfully in Israel with us having already helped tens of women each month, and even paid off the debts of two who owed substantial sums for having immersed for much time without paying.

We are happy to say that we now have one Mikvah in South Africa who has joined us in this project, and we are excited to be able to work with them, aiding women who cannot afford Mikvah costs, to be able to immerse at no charge, no debt - "Purity with Dignity"

If you would like to contribute to this very holy Mitzvah, please be in touch with Rav Eliyahu:

Or see 

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