Sunday, 23 November 2014

Survivor Describes Horrific Synagogue Attack (Video)

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hareidim Honour Druze Policeman Zidan Saif. Who are the Druze (Video)?

Today, Zidan Saif HY"D, the first policeman on the scene of the Har Nof Synagogue Massacre was buried. Hareidim took part in the funeral giving due honour and respect to a man who protected - in this event alone - an untold number of Jews. For more information about the funeral and details concerning the Psak that HaRav Ovadia Yosef gave concerning giving due honour to such a person, see the article on The Jewish Press.

Who are the Druze?

This beautiful video gives us an insight into this group of people living in the Holy Land:

The 4 Kedoshim of The Har Nof Synagogue Massacre and The Righteous Policeman and A Prayer for a Refuah Sheleima for Those Wounded

The 4 Kedoshim HY"D

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Articles about the Kedoshim

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Died of gunshot wound to the head.
Click link and here for more info.
First Officer on the scene - to protect the Jewish people.
Nobody knows how many lives he saved...

Please Daven for Those Injured 
in the Har Nof Synagogue Massacre

Please Hashem - please have mercy upon and grant a Refuah Shleima to:

Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila
Avraham Shmuel ben Shaina
Eitan ben Sara

amongst all of Klal Yisrael

Please Hashem
May we all be able to bless each other, to forgive each other,
to give more to each other,
to stop the baseless hatred and replace it with a baseless love.
May we learn not to hurt each other, not to insult each other,
not to embarrass each other.
May we learn to understand the other
from wherever he may come from in life.
May we all learn to see the good of our fellow Jew.
May we learn what true Jewish unity is.
May we be prepared to put in the effort to be united,
and may this hasten the Geula - the redemption -
and that we be taken out of this painful Galut (exile) immediately.


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